Caitlin Patterson, executive general manager of Libra’s parent company Asaleo Care’s Retail Business Unit, says the brand conducted research among 1,000 Australians which found that 91% of women feel that society places pressure on them and 26% feel stifled and suffocated as a result.

Is Libra Australian owned? Made In Melbourne. The only pads, tampons and liners made in Australia for over 30 years are from Libra. Our products are made to Australian Standard, so you can be assured you’re getting the best quality and comfort.

Also, What is the best tampon in Australia? Tena and U by Kotex have rated best in Canstar Blue’s 2021 tampons and sanitary pads ratings. Both earned five-star reviews for absorbency & effectiveness, product range and overall satisfaction.

Are Libra tampons biodegradable?

Not environmentally friendly. Tampons end up in landfill and polypropylene (the material tampons are wrapped in) isn’t biodegradable.

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Are Libra Girl pads good?

Amazing for younger girls or smaller women!

These pads are really thin and smaller than adult pads but still really absorbent! Really good pads!

Who makes libresse?

Essity, our parent company

Essity is a leading global hygiene and health products company. The Group develops and produces sustainable personal care, tissue and health products.

Are Libra pads scented?

Are Libra products free from fragrance? Yes. We love perfume and we’re spritz-happy gals. But when it comes to our pads, tampons and liners, we keep everything blissfully fragrance-free.

Does Playtex make light tampons?

“The best for a light flow!” I’ve been using the “light” flow and lightly scented tampons for a few years now. … The best light tampon I have personally used.

Does Australia have tampons with applicators?

If you visit any tampon or pad aisle in a supermarket in Australia, you’re sure to find a number of different brands and styles of tampons. But one that seldom appears on shelves are tampons with applicators.

Are OB tampons good?

o.b. In our lab tests, these o.b. Organic tampons received high scores for holding onto fluid to prevent leaks. Our testers found these 100% organic cotton tampons comfy to remove, ideal when changing your tampon frequently. They didn’t absorb as much as other styles, so they are great if you have a lighter flow.

What is the safest tampon to use?

Here’s our guide to some of the most popular organic tampon brands out there.

  • Veeda All-Cotton Tampons. …
  • o.b. Organic Tampons. …
  • Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons. …
  • L Organic. L. …
  • Natracare. Organic 100% Cotton Tampons. …
  • The Honest Company. Honest Company. …
  • Cora. Organic Cotton Tampons. …
  • Organyc. Walmart.

Can you get toxic shock from 100% cotton tampons?

And new research finds that the type of fibers used in manufacturing tampons doesn’t seem to matter — 100-percent cotton or synthetic-fiber varieties were each linked to toxic shock.

Are Lil lets tampons safe?

Lil-Lets organic cotton tampons have also been dermatologically tested to ensure they are kind to your body. All Lil-Lets tampons, whatever they are made from, must comply with strict safety regulations. This means that whether a tampon is made from cotton or from viscose, they are equally safe.

Which way do Libra pads go?

The pad sits inside your undies with the sticky side away from the body (not up against the skin – ouch!). If you’re using a Super or Overnight pad, you’ll notice that the back of the pad is usually longer than the front. This is for added protection for heavy flow days or for overnight.

What is a Libra woman like?

A Libra woman thrives on fun, laughter, joyfulness, and beauty. She loves to feel free and keep it light, instinctively turning away from people whose traits feel too negative or heavy for her. These babes have a natural cool to them that comes from not trying too hard and keeping things chill.

What is Girlpad?

Pads are rectangles of absorbent material that attach to the inside of a girl’s underwear and catch menstrual blood. They’re sometimes also called sanitary pads or sanitary napkins. Some pads have extra material on the sides.

Are libresse pads cotton?

Libresse Maxi Cotton Sanitary Pad with SecureFit technology has a unique shape designed to fit your body perfectly. The towel moves with your body and stays in place for ultimate anti-leak security.

Who created Kotex?

In the United States, Kotex was launched in 1920 by Kimberly-Clark to make use of leftover cellucotton (wood pulp fiber) from World War One bandages. An employee noted that the pads had a “cotton-like texture” which was abbreviated to “cot-tex” and then made the product name with alternate spelling.

What materials are pads made of?

Although producers are generally reluctant to reveal the exact composition of their products, the main materials will usually be bleached rayon (cellulose made from wood pulp), cotton and plastics. In addition, fragrance and antibacterial agents can be included.

What is the best brand of sanitary pads?

Best Sanitary Pads in India 2021

  • Evereve Ultra Sanitary Napkin.
  • Sofy Antibacteria X-Large Extra Long Pads.
  • Plush 100% Pure US Cotton Natural Sanitary Pads.
  • Nua Ultra Thin Rash Free Sanitary Pads.
  • Paree Soft and Rash Free Sanitary Pads.
  • PEE SAFE Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads.
  • Carmesi Sensitive Sanitary Pads.

What is the most absorbent sanitary pad?

These options are definitely worth considering.

  • Always Infinity Pads. Amazon. Always Infinity Pads. …
  • Cora Organic Overnight Pad. Amazon. …
  • Seventh Generation Ultra Thin Pads. Amazon. …
  • Think ECO Organic Reusable Cotton Cloth Pads. Amazon. …
  • U by Kotex Security Feminine Maxi Pads. Amazon. …
  • Stayfree Maxi Pads for Women. Amazon.

How long can you keep a Playtex Sport tampon in?

Do not use tampons between periods or for non-menstrual discharge. Change your tampons every 4 to 8 hours. Tampons can be worn overnight for up to 8 hours. Always remove the last tampon at the end of your period.Do not flush the used tampon in the toilet.

What is Playtex simply?

Playtex Simply Gentle tampons are crafted with the utmost care for you and your body. Every ingredient used is rigorously evaluated to provide reliable protection that you can trust. Playtex tampons deliver 360 degree protection that molds to your unique shape, forming a protective barrier against leaks.

Are Tampax Pearl active discontinued?

We’re sorry you can’t find Tampax Pearl Active with a 20% slimmer applicator anymore. We have discontinued selling this to make room for our new Tampax (Pearl) Active product with MotionFit Protection, which moves with you to help make leak-free workouts possible.


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