Edward Allen Harris is another world-famous American director, actor, producer, and screenwriter. He has been seen in various blockbuster movies such as The Truman Show, Apollo 13, The Hours, and many more. Currently, Josh Lucas is the actor who is doing all the voice for Home Depot’s commercials.

Considering this, Who does voice over for Arby’s? For five years, the voice that made you stop and ask, “WHO is that?”, is none other than accomplished and well-known Golden Globe-winning actor, Ving Rhames. Ving Rhames has appeared in over 75 movies.

Who is the voice of the yellow M&M? J.K. Simmons talks lending his voice to the Yellow M&M in the M&M ads.

Furthermore, Does Jussie Smollett do commercials? Sign up to track 4 nationally aired TV ad campaigns for Jussie Smollett. In the past 30 days, commercials featuring Jussie Smollett have had 8,290 airings.

Who does the voice for the owl on America’s best?

Chris Fries is the voice of The Owl in Americas Best.

Who is the voice of the Geico Gecko? British actor Jake Wood is now the voice of the GEICO Gecko, giving the lizard its now-famous Cockney accent. Wood is also well known in the UK. He starred in the BBC soap opera EastEnders as Max Branning for 15 years.

Who is the black actor with the deep voice? James Earl Jones, (born January 17, 1931, Arkabutla, Mississippi, U.S.), American actor who used his deep resonant voice to great effect in stage, film, and television roles.

Is James Earl Jones the Arby’s voice? Q: Is it James Earl Jones who does the funny Arby’s commercials? It sure sounds like his famous voice. A: No. It is another deep-voiced, African-American actor, Ving Rhames.

Who is Jake from State Farm?

The character was played by Jake Stone, a real State Farm employee. Stone won an internal casting competition to land the part of a customer care agent. He was essentially playing himself, but proved the perfect foil to the hysteria on the other end of the line. Jake from State Farm quickly took off.

Who is the new Jake from State Farm? Thus, the company hired aspiring actor Kevin Mimms, who is now the current “Jake from State Farm” agent. The company even used old footage from their original ad and inserted new footage of Mimms reciting the infamous “khakis” line to capitalize on the commercial one last time before “rebooting” Jake’s character.

Is Kevin Miles Jake from State Farm?

Trivia. He became the new “Jake from State Farm” in 2020.

Who is the black girl in the America’s Best commercial? Cyrina Fiallo (born December 29, 1991) is an American actress.

Cyrina Fiallo
Years active 2007–present

Who is the female voice on the Lexus commercials?

Minnie Driver is the current voice of Lexus radio and television commercials.

Did the GEICO gecko voice change?

5 He’s Currently Voiced By Jake Wood

Although Kelsey Grammer originally voiced the GEICO Gecko, his current voice actor is English comedian Jake Wood. It’s frequently and highly debated, due to the GEICO Gecko’s accent, whether the Gecko is native to Britain or Australia.

How much does the GEICO gecko voice make? Jake Wood Net Worth : $ 14 Million

Per Day: Per Hour: Per Second:
$ 1140 $ 19 $ 0.05

Who is the voice of Jack in the Box? Dick Sittig–the man known to millions as the voice of Jack from Jack in the Box commercials–knows how to wow an audience.

What did James Earl Jones narrate?

James Earl Jones is a voice actor known for voicing Darth Vader, Mufasa, and Ommadon.

What does Ving Rhames earn? Ving Rhames Net Worth and Salary: Ving Rhames is an American actor who has a net worth of $25 million dollars .

Ving Rhames Net Worth.

Net Worth: $25 Million
Profession: Actor, Film Producer, Television producer, Voice Actor
Nationality: United States of America

Does Josh Lucas voice Home Depot commercials?

In summary, the current voice actor for Home Depot commercials is Josh Lucas. Josh Lucas is an actor who is known for his roles in ‘Sweet Home Alabama and ‘American Psycho’. Past voices of Home Depot include Brian Cummings and Ed Harris.

Is H Jon Benjamin in an Arby’s commercial? Arby’s TV Spot, ‘Light Bulb’ Featuring H. Jon Benjamin, Song by YOGI – iSpot.tv.

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