The music playing throughout this 2021 National Lottery advert is the song ‘Three Is a Magic Number‘ which was written and recorded by the American singer-songwriter and musician Bob Dorough for the musical TV show Schoolhouse Rock!

Subsequently, Where does Alan dedicoat live?

Dedicoat lives in Harrow on the Hill, London.

Keeping this in consideration, Who does the lottery voice?

Alan Dedicoat became known to millions of viewers as ‘The Voice of the Balls’, providing instant commentary for the National Lottery Draw for over 20 years.

Beside above What happened to Alan dedicoat? Newsreader Alan Dedicoat, known as The National Lottery’s Voice of the Balls, has left Radio 2 after 28 years. Dedicoat, 60, read his last bulletin at 5pm on Friday. Despite retiring from radio, he will continue to voice the lotto balls and also introduce the acts on Strictly Come Dancing.

Who does the voiceover for DWTS?

Since 2005, Alan Dedicoat has been the voice-over for Dancing with the Stars, the American version of Strictly Come Dancing.

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