FedEx. Hidden between the negative space of the letters e and x in the FedEx logo is an arrow pointing to the right. As Lindon Leader, the logo’s designer, explained to Fast Company, that arrow “could connote forward direction, speed, and precision,” but beauty (and meaning) is in the eye of the beholder.

Why are some FedEx trucks green and some orange? You might have noticed that the “Ex” part of the name changes its color across different displays. It’s a witty way to distinguish the departments inside the company. For example, orange stands for FedEx Express, green is the corporate color of FedEx Ground, and red is a direct indication at FedEx Freight.

Also, What does the arrow pointing to the right suggest? An arrow pointing right means the message has been read and forwarded.

Why does Wendy’s logo say mom?

Wendy’s. I’m not sure if I buy this one, but apparently if you look in the collar of Wendy in the Wendy’s logo, it spells out “MOM.” It’s supposed to subtly imply that Wendy’s is like your mother’s cooking, which is oddly true in my case, because I lived solely on french fries for the first 17 years of my life.

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What are FedEx colors?

The official FedEx colors are FedEx Purple and FedEx Orange. An older color scheme also included colors like light platinum, light gray, green, blue, red, yellow, gray, black and white.

Why did FedEx use purple?

The company mission, dubbed the Purple Promise, is that employees will make every FedEx experience outstanding. FedEx began using secondary colors other than orange in the late 1990s after it diversified beyond the express business into trucking-only offerings.

What is the FedEx purple promise?

The Purple Promise is, “I will make every FedEx Experience Outstanding”. Recipients of the coin have proven results going above and beyond to provide next-level service, and improvement to the customer experience and/or financial improvements.

What is the difference between FedEx red and FedEx Green?

Orange is their standard express delivery service. … Green is ground and home delivery. Red is freight.

What does the arrow indicate?

Arrows are universally recognised for indicating directions. They are widely used on signage and for wayfinding, and are often used in road surface markings. Upwards pointing arrows are often used to indicate an increase in a numerical value, and downwards pointing arrows indicate a decrease.

What does an arrow symbolize?

An arrow symbolizes reaching your goals and achieving your targets. Protection – An arrow has traditionally been used to protect a person from potential harm. Arrows have come to represent protection and defence from any evil that can come to you.

Where do the arrows point?

Answer: The arrow on the map(usually on right )points the north direction.

What is the hidden message in the Chick fil a logo?

The Chick-fil-a logo cleverly incorporates a chicken into the C. 10. The Kisses logo doesn’t have much to it, but if you look at it sideways, you might see a chocolate kiss formed between the K and the I.

What is the hidden message in Wendy logo?

The ragged edges resemble two letter Ms being separated by a circular pendant that looks like the letter O. Look at the clever way the word “mom” is hidden in Wendy’s collar. The trick is most apparent in the single color variation of the logo used on packaging.

What’s on Wendy’s Secret Menu?

8 Wendy’s Secret Menu Items That are Worth Knowing About

  • The Barnyard Burger. Can’t decide between a cheeseburger or a chicken sandwich? …
  • Grand Slam Burger or Meat Cube. …
  • Asiago Beef Burger. …
  • Quadruple Baconator. …
  • T. …
  • Jurassic Burger. …
  • Frosty Coffee. …
  • Chili Cheeseburger.

What is the purple with FedEx?

The Purple Promise logo is a prominent graphic expression of the FedEx culture and our promise to deliver excellent customer service. It can be used across a variety of mediums to portray our pride and conviction in serving our customers.

Is FedEx blue or purple?

Domestic parcel delivery company FedEx Ground’s logo is purple and green, for example, while less-than-truckload company FedEx Freight is purple and red. FedEx’s research finds strong consumer awareness globally of its purple and orange logo, Fitzgerald said.

Is there a spoon in the FedEx logo?

He quickly gave in and showed us the spoon it is the lower part of the e in Fed. Since that moment, I can see the arrow and the spoon and when I pull up behind a FedEX truck or see a sign, I see them. I have since shared the logo with William, Beth, and others. William was excited when I pointed it out.

What is the FedEx slogan?

Federal Express officially adopts “FedEx” as its brand and launches the slogan ‘The World on Time‘.

What color is the FedEx logo?

The FedEx colors found in the logo are FedEx Purple and Orange. Use this FedEx brand color scheme for digital or print projects that need to use specific color values to match their company color palette.

What is the FedEx motto?

Because the primary FedEx color is purple, the FedEx motto is known as the “Purple Promise,” a promise that includes “Do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers” and “Always treat customers in a professional, competent, polite and caring manner.” I’ll attest to that!

Is working at FedEx hard?

Great pay and benefits if you can tolerate the stress and high pressure to perform with very little support from upper management. Very short staffed which makes the job even harder. Everyone is looking for other work to get out of the difficult conditions.

Does Kinkos exist?

The package delivery company FedEx said on Monday that it was changing the name of its struggling Kinko’s printing and professional services unit to FedEx Office and would record a charge of nearly $900 million.

Does FedEX stand for Federal Express?

The name “FedEx” is a syllabic abbreviation of the name of the company’s original air division, Federal Express, which was used from 1973 until 2000.

What is hidden in the Coca Cola logo?

Hidden in the ‘o’ of Cola is the Denmark flag. This wasn’t their initial intention with the logo. Once Coca Cola discovered that part of its logo looks like the Danish flag, they setup a media stunt at Denmark’s biggest airport welcoming customers with flags.

Is there a spoon in the FedEX logo?

He quickly gave in and showed us the spoon it is the lower part of the e in Fed. Since that moment, I can see the arrow and the spoon and when I pull up behind a FedEX truck or see a sign, I see them. I have since shared the logo with William, Beth, and others. William was excited when I pointed it out.


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