Jason Prime. We give out secret Mistcodes once in a while as part of special promotions. They can be redeemed in the Mistplay app for bonus units or avatars. (For example, try the code GMATURTLE to unlock an exclusive avatar!)

Considering this, How much can you make on Mistplay? You can make up to $50 worth of rewards per month on Mistplay.

How do I find my Mistcode? Visit the Profile tab 2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner 3. Tap Mistcode 4. Enter the secret Mistcode you discovered using all capital letters without any spaces!

Furthermore, How do I enter codes on Mistplay? How do I use my Mistcode?

  1. Visit the Profile tab.
  2. Tap the 3 dots on the top right of the screen.
  3. Tap “Mistcode”
  4. Enter the Mistcode you found to claim your reward!

How do I get different games on Mistplay?

Can I change my game preferences / games list? Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your game offers. Please note that the categories you choose when signing up to Mistplay do not affect the games you are given. The categories you select will only affect the order in which those games are presented.

Can you go AFK in Mistplay? Leaving the game running on your phone without actually playing it will cause the app to stop tracking your playtime, even if the game has idle-play features built into it.

Is Mistplay a gambler? Mistplay isn’t a gambling site.

You don’t win anything. However, you do earn units when you play games. There are a few casino-slots type games available on Mistplay, like Pop Slots.

How long does it take to get $10 on Mistplay? Did you know that we review every gift card that’s ordered through Mistplay? This is why it can take up to 48 hours before your reward arrives to your email.

What is a mist code?

Mist Code is a growing NZ based technology company that aims to enhance people’s life experience by providing a better digital world. We currently focus on cross-platform application development that provides a complete digital solution for all sizes of businesses.

How long do Mistplay rewards take? Did you know that we review every gift card that’s ordered through Mistplay? This is why it can take up to 48 hours before your reward arrives to your email.

Can I search games on Mistplay?

At Mistplay, we’re all about bringing our community closer to the games you love. That’s why we’re introducing Game Search, a powerful search bar that makes finding your favourite games easy, fast, and fun.

Can you delete games from Mistplay? Currently, there is no way to remove games from Mistplay or from your “keep playing” section. However, you’re always free to uninstall any games you like from your phone.

Is raid shadow legends on Mistplay?

Mistplay favorites: Club Vegas Slots, Raid: Shadow Legends, Yahtzee and Best Fiends.

How do you automate in Mistplay?

Open the flow editor and select the first interact block. 2. Select ‘Record Interactions’ and then open Mistplay. Then select the exclamation point on the game you want to automate.

Can I have multiple Mistplay accounts? The User may only set up one account in the App. It is prohibited to create multiple accounts or transfer or sell a User account to third parties.

Does iPhone use Mistplay? Never fear iPhone users, Mistplay promises that an app is coming soon to Apple. But for right now, you can find it on Google Play.

Is Mistplay legit UK?

Basics: Mistplay is a free app that lets you earn gift cards to major retailers simply for playing games on your phone. Pros: The app is legit and pays promptly.

Does Mistplay work in Canada? First, the Mistplay app is free to use, but it’s only available to android users in some countries (Canada and the U.S.). Before you sign up, you’ll need to download and install the Mistplay app on your Android device via Google Play Store.

Is there a game that pays real money?

Applike is an aggregator of the leading cash app games and smartphone applications that pay out real gifts or money. It can be downloaded to an Android or iPhone. Each day the company will show you a new game you can play for rewards, including cash or gift cards. It also shows the potential payment amount.

How do I redeem a Mistplay gift card? 1) Once you have enough units to redeem a gift card, open up MISTPLAY and click on the Shop tab. 2) Select the gift card that you would like to redeem. 3) Click BUY to submit your order for processing. You will receive a prompt to confirm your order before it is processed.

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