The Rs 23 minimum recharge plan comes with validity of 28 days and allows users to continue service. The plan only enables incoming calls and messages. To activate outgoing service there are other plans available. Airtel has also made mandatory for subscribers to recharge with a plan of Rs 45 to extend service.

Besides, How can I get 10 GB in Airtel?

How to get Airtel 10GB 4G Data for FREE:

  1. In your Dial pad, Dial – 5999555 (Toll Free) – Free 10 GB. Other offers to get Free Airtel Free 4G Internet Data. Free 2 GB Airtel 4G Data – Missed Call on 52122. …
  2. You will receive success message for ‘Airtel 10GB Daily Free 4G Data for 28 Days’
  3. Check You Balance With My Airtel App.

Also, Is Airtel 23 recharge available?

23 is being discontinued for prepaid users in all circles, and is being replaced by the Rs. … 23 prepaid plan. The new public notice states that the new Rs. 45 Airtel smart recharge will offer local and STD voice calling at 2.5paise per second, 5 paise per second for national video calls, and 50 paise per MB for data.

Herein, What is the minimum recharge for Airtel for incoming calls 2020? To start with, incoming calls validity for 28 days will be provided with Rs 45 base plan. Local and STD calls will be charged at 2.5 paisa per second, whereas video calls will be charged at 5 paisa per scond (only for national video calls.

How can I get free 5GB data on Airtel?

Method 1:Get Airtel 5GB data on Airtel

  1. Download Airtel Thanks App.
  2. Register your number.
  3. After the registration, you will get 5GB coupons free.
  4. You can check it under the “My Coupons” section of the Airtel Thanks App.
  5. You can redeem these 5 1GB coupons within 90 days of receiving.

22 Related Questions and Answers

How can I get 30 GB data on Airtel?

Customers can check their eligibility and claim their free data by dialling 51111 or using the My Airtel App. The 30 GB of free data will be available within 24 hours of submitting your claim.

How can I get free 2gb data on Airtel?

Steps to get Free 2 GB data on Prepaid Sims

  1. Call on 52122 from your Airtel number.
  2. It will automatically get cut.
  3. You will receive a verification message within 24 hours (sometimes instantly).
  4. To check your Airtel Free Data Trick balance, you can dial *121*2#.

What is the Airtel minimum recharge?

The minimum recharge plan tariff has gone up from Rs 49 to Rs 79 for prepaid customers, who constitute close to 95 per cent of its 340-million mobile user base.

What is RC 35 in Airtel?

Airtel Rs 35 prepaid recharge plan

Under the Rs 35 recharge plan, Airtel is offering its customers 100MB of 3G/4G data for 28 days. Additionally, consumers will also be provided with Rs 26.66 of talk time charged at one paisa per second.

What is smart pack in Airtel?

Airtel Rs 128 Smart Recharge pack: validity, benefits

The plan offers 28 days of validity without any additional calling, data or SMS benefit. Users can, however, still make local and STD calls at 2.5p/sec and send SMS at Rs 1 locally, and nationally at Rs 1.5 per SMS.

Is Airtel 49 plan removed?

“Airtel has discontinued its Rs 49 entry level Prepaid recharge. … Airtel on Wednesday removed its entry level Rs 49 plan for pre-paid users, making its entry level plan 60% dearer at Rs 79.

What is 499 plan in Airtel?

The plan offers unlimited data at the speed of 40Mbps. Consumers will also get unlimited calling to any network along with subscription to OTT services.

How do I reactivate my incoming calls on Airtel?

How to Reactivate your Deactivated Airtel Number

  1. Try to request re-activation via email to or customer care.
  2. Visit nearest airtel store and submit reactivation request.
  3. Provide Address and Photo Id proofs.
  4. You may receive a confirmation call and then your number will be re-activated.

How can I get 5 GB in Airtel?

Airtel’s new data add-on plans offer 5GB and 25GB data with free Wynk premium

  1. Airtel now has two new data add on plans for prepaid users at Rs 78 and Rs 248.
  2. The new plans come with free Wynk premium subscription.

How can I get Airtel 5GB 1000?

How to Activate Airtel 5GB for N1000 plan

  1. Load at least N1,000 on your Airtel line.
  2. Dial *141*242# and choose the data to plan that suite you.

How can I get 5GB offer in Airtel?

Airtel is offering 5GB data free to new 4G subscribers who download the ‘Airtel Thanks’ app, whether these are entirely new users or users who upgrade to 4G from 3G. The users will get five coupons of 1GB each that can be redeemed within 90 days of getting the subscription, and downloading the ‘Airtel Thanks’ app.

How can I get free MB on Airtel?

Simple do the following;

  1. Get a new airtel sim,
  2. register it and migrate to club 10 PAddi.
  3. To migrate Dial *166#.
  4. After successful migration to club 10 PAddi, dial *141*13*200# to receive free, 200MB or Dial *141*13*100# to receive free 100MB.

How can I get free internet?

If none of those programs are quite what you’re looking for, there are still other ways of finding free internet.

  1. NetZero. Back when I was in high school, NetZero was my lifeline. …
  2. FreedomPop. Another company offering completely free internet service is FreedomPop. …
  3. Mesh networks.

How can I get 1GB loan in Airtel?

Airtel data loan code To get a data loan from Airtel, you need to dial the code *141*567# and your number will be credited with 50 MB of data with a validity of 2 days. Airtel Network has started rewarding their customers with a reward of 1GB data.

How can I get 1GB to 100 naira on Airtel?


  1. Simply recharge with ₦100 and dial *474*1# and the plan will be activated.
  2. Dial *140# to check remaining balance.

How can I get 1GB for 200 on Airtel?

How to Subscribe Airtel 1GB for 200 Naira

  1. Recharge Your Airtel Line with 200 Naira Airtime.
  2. Dial *141*205#
  3. Enjoy your 1GB of Instagram data.

Is Jio free from 2am to 5am?

Jio users can enjoy 4G data for absolutely free between 2 am and 5am daily. This means the data that they consume between these hours will not get deducted from their daily allowance.


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