Islander–Someone born on Cape Cod.

Besides, Do you say at the Cape or on the Cape?

5. It’s on the Cape, not in the Cape. Say “in” and it’s pretty clear you’re visiting from New Jersey.

Also, What do locals call Martha’s Vineyard?

“As is their yearly tradition, the Obamas are on summer vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, or, as it’s more commonly known to locals and visitors, ‘The Martha,'” the article, written by Dayna Evans, states.

Herein, Is Cape Cod expensive to live? Cape Cod is one of those fun-filled locations that most people only see while on vacation. … A common misconception people have is that Cape Cod is too expensive to move to. But living in the Cape can be affordable as long as you avoid prime areas—it’s a location that can cater to every lifestyle.

What is the richest town in Cape Cod?

Top Five Towns for Investors on the Cape and Islands

  • Martha’s Vineyard. With approximately 15,000 permanent residents and nearly 100,000 summer residents, the Vineyard is one of the most affluent on the East Coast. …
  • Chatham. Located in Cape Cod, the town of Chatham is a living dream. …
  • Nantucket. …
  • Sandwich. …
  • Barnstable.

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What food is Cape Cod known for?

Cape Cod has long been known for its local seafood, and you won’t find a restaurant anywhere in the region without seafood on the menu. Fried fish, especially fried clams, are considered the ultimate Cape Cod meal. Another favorite is lobster, broiled with butter sauce.

Is Hyannis in Cape Cod safe?

Considering only the crime rate, Hyannis Port is as safe as the Massachusetts state average and safer than the national average.

Why is Martha’s Vineyard so expensive?

The Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce estimates that during the winter there are 15,000 people living on the island and 115,000 during the summer. Running a business is expensive because taxes, rent and utilities have to be paid for 12 months a year, even if customers don’t show up for 9 of those months.

Why is Martha’s Vineyard so famous?

Like the nearby island of Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard was brought to prominence in the 19th century by the whaling industry, during which ships were sent around the world to hunt whales for their oil and blubber.

Who owns Martha’s Vineyard now?

Barack and Michelle Obama, the former U.S. president and first lady, rented a seven-bedroom home on Martha’s Vineyard this summer and decided to stay. The Obamas now have the property, with a $14.85 million price tag, under contract in a deal expected to close this month.

What is the nicest town in Cape Cod?

These towns and villages have that “Olde Cape Cod” feel, through and through.

  • Tot-Friendly Nantucket Sound. …
  • Half-Tide on Cape Cod Bay in Sandwich, MA.
  • The Wild, Windblown Atlantic Ocean in Orleans MA.
  • Day Trippers on The Hyannis to Martha’s Vineyard Ferry.
  • Shops & Restaurants Galore in Falmouth Village.

What is the nicest part of Cape Cod?

If you plan on taking several day trips to Martha’s Vineyard or even visit Newport, Rhode Island then staying in Falmouth or Woods Hole right at the southwestern tip of Cape Cod is best. Falmouth is one of the best walking towns on Cape Cod with a long Main Street and lots of great shops and restaurants.

What is the best time of year to visit Cape Cod?

The best time to visit Cape Cod is May, June, September or October. These shoulder months usher in pleasant temperatures for outdoor pursuits, fewer crowds than the busy summer season and reasonable room rates.

Is Nantucket the same as Cape Cod?

Cape Cod is a 339 mile long hook-shaped peninsula off the coast of Massachusetts. … Nantucket is a tiny island 30 miles off of the Cape. It’s just over 100 miles in area and teeters on a population of 10,000. The beaches are typically quite, and the coastline boasts towering cliffsides and quintessential lighthouses.

What should you not miss on Cape Cod?

But don’t miss out on these quintessentially Cape Cod experiences:

  • Go On A Whale Watch. …
  • Bike The Cape Cod Rail Trail. …
  • Overdose On Ice Cream. …
  • Watch A Menemsha Sunset. …
  • Tour All The Local Lighthouses. …
  • Rollerblade The Cape Cod Canal. …
  • Climb To The Top Of The Provincetown Monument. …
  • Walk The National Seashore.

What is the best town to live in on Cape Cod?

Falmouth is the ideal place to live on Cape Cod if you’re looking for a prime location that is convenient to Boston but still on the island. Boston is about an hour away from Falmouth and Martha’s Vineyard is close too.

When’s the best time to go to Martha’s Vineyard?

As any Martha’s Vineyard travel guide will tell you, the best time to visit the island is from May until September, when the Atlantic Ocean ensures temperatures around the low 70s and rarely above 90 degrees.

What is the most expensive part of Martha’s Vineyard?

A 3.3-acre waterfront estate in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard is listed for sale for $19.5 million, which is among the priciest listings on the Cape and Islands. The compound includes a five-bedroom main house at 8 Tuthill Lane and a four-bedroom guest house with pool at 27 Braley’s Way.

Is Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard better?

Cape Cod is much bigger than Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, so if you aren’t drawn to the idea of staying on a small island, Cape Cod may be your best bet. No two towns are the same! … Because Cape Cod is much more accessible, it tends to get the most crowded.

What is so special about Martha’s Vineyard?

One word to describe Martha’s Vineyard: QUAINT. Boutique shops, great dining, gorgeous beach (couldn’t believe how pretty the beach was), and a very cheap economical shuttle to take you from one little town to the next. The gingerbread houses were darling too. Really loved this little island.

Which is better Martha’s Vineyard or Cape Cod?

Cape Cod is much bigger than Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, so if you aren’t drawn to the idea of staying on a small island, Cape Cod may be your best bet. No two towns are the same! … Because Cape Cod is much more accessible, it tends to get the most crowded.

What makes Martha’s Vineyard special?

Island Flavors from Island Farms

For an island with such coveted real estate, the Vineyard retains an impressive cache of agricultural land, thanks to forward-thinking groups like the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank. There are about three dozen produce farms, cheese makers, a mushroom farm, and even pastured cattle.


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