Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car with These Five Companies

  • StickerRide. Drivers can earn hundreds of dollars per month with car wrap ads in major cities. …
  • Wrapify. Wrapify offers different wrap coverage and payment tiers based on driver interest. …
  • Carvertise. Source: Carvertise. …
  • Free Car Media. …
  • ReferralCars.

Subsequently, Does Coca Cola pay for advertising on cars?

Does Coca-Cola buy advertising space on cars? Yes. You can contact their marketing service and ask if they accept any offers of that kind.

Keeping this in consideration, Does Bud Light pay you to advertise on your car?

Getting paid to promote beer simply by putting a wrap on your car may sound great. The email states it’s a “Paid to Drive” job and you earn cash by allowing Budweiser to put what’s known as a vinyl car wrap on your vehicle. Charles thought, “This is a pretty good deal, Budweiser is a big company.

Beside above Does Dr Pepper pay you to advertise on your car? In case you haven’t guessed by now, the whole thing is a scam and Dr. Pepper-Snapple issued an alert that confirms it, stating: “We do not have a program offering to wrap cars in advertising graphics for any of our brands. … Pepper Snapple Group or any of our brands and is most likely attempting a scam.”

How much does Firefly pay?

Firefly seeks people who drive professionally at least 30 hours a week and said pay averages $300 a month.

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How much is a car wrap advertising?

Full vehicle wraps range from $2000 to 4500, partial wraps range from 1000 to 2500, and lettering ranges from $250-1500. This holds pretty true for car graphics, truck wraps, van wraps, and box truck graphics.

Does advertising on your car work?

The agency says that vehicle advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of out of home advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions than any other form of advertising. On average, wrap advertising costs as little as four cents per thousand impressions.

How much money does Wrapify make?

Average earnings for this level are $196–$280 per month. Full — A full wrap is exactly what it sounds like: Wrapify covers the entire painted surface of your car with an advertisement. This is the highest earning level. Average earnings for this level are $264–$452 per month.

How much do companies pay for advertising on cars?

Ad campaigns typically run from two to six months. Most agencies pay at least $400 each month, so if you manage to snag a six-month campaign, you’re looking forward to $2400 in income, just by driving your car! Other fantastic ways to make extra cash today!

How much can I make with Wrapify?

Compensation is entirely based upon miles driven within a campaign zone. Miles are worth different amounts based on time of day and the amount of people on the road. For lite coverage, we estimate $196-250 per month. For partial coverage, we estimate $196-250 per month.

Would you allow Coca Cola to put a sticker on your car?

But it doesn’t have to be a pitch to wrap your car in the Monster logo — the BBB notes that Coca-Cola and Heineken are two other brands whose names have been used in the scam.

How much can you make with Carvertise?

Although each campaign varies, you can expect to earn a base of $100 per month. On average, drivers can expect to earn between $350 – $1,500 per campaign. Campaigns typically last between two and six months. How long is a Carvertise campaign?

How do you qualify for Firefly?

We need drivers working a minimum of 45 hours per week to qualify for a Firefly smart screen. You will need to track your driving for a minimum of three (3) weeks to qualify for a possible installation. Permission Requests: – Firefly asks for only the permissions it needs to operate and qualify you for a screen.

What is Firefly driving?

Firefly is the street-level digital media platform that connects audiences with dynamic media on taxis and rideshare vehicles. The company works with taxi companies and rideshare drivers to install its proprietary advertising displays atop their vehicles.

Can Uber drivers advertise in their cars?

Are Rideshare Drivers Allowed to Put Advertising on Their Cars? In short, yes. Since we’re independent contractors, Uber or Lyft have little direct control over how we decorate or customize our vehicles. Uber has even partnered with companies like Cargo, so it’s clear that they approve of some of these companies.

Does Monster pay you to wrap your car?

The message offers a few hundred bucks to simply shrink-wrap your car in ads for a popular brand such as Monster Energy, Red Bull, or Pepsi, according to a Federal Trade Commission warning on such scams. If you agree, you’ll be sent a check for more than the pay rate it offered.

Is it worth it to wrap a car?

A vinyl wrap is the medium of choice for vehicle advertising because it costs much less than a custom paint job, and it offers significantly more design and finish options than paint. But with prices so reasonable, wraps are now becoming the preferred method of “repainting” for private vehicle owners, as well.

Does advertising on a car work?

The agency says that vehicle advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of out of home advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions than any other form of advertising. On average, wrap advertising costs as little as four cents per thousand impressions.

Is it illegal to put a magnet on someones car?

In many areas, there are no laws about advertising on your car with magnets or anything else, as long as you don’t obstruct your windows. … Five California cities, for instance, have passed ordinances banning or restricting business owners from affixing or painting advertising on their vehicles.

How do I get paid for advertising?

Make Money With Marketing Online

  • Manage a blog. Running a website can be an extremely lucrative way to make money with advertising. …
  • Affiliate marketing. …
  • Get paid to advertise on social media.
  • Apps that pay you to advertise. …
  • Freelance as an ad specialist to get paid to post ads for companies online.

How many miles do you have to drive for Wrapify?

For full coverage, we estimate $264-452 per month.

You are totally free and clear to drive as much as you would like. However, only 25-35 miles of your daily commute is compensated by Wrapify.

Is Wrapify a real company?

Wrapify is a legitimate car wrap advertising company and it’s a great help to the Gig economy. While temporary jobs are mostly intended for part time or full time work, the app is providing daily commuters with a supplemental income.

Which is better Wrapify or Carvertise?

Carvertise generally pays a set amount per month; Wrapify varies the amount based on the number of miles you drive. … Carvertise gets a slightly lower rating than Wrapify mainly because some drivers have complained that their cars were damaged when the wrap was removed.


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