YouTuber Ryan Kinel reports that TeePublic has shut down his store and deleted his account. … It reads, “This is to notify you that, as a result of a violation of our terms and conditions, we have removed or disabled access to material that appeared at Outpost and have deleted your account.”

In this way, Are TeePublic shirts high quality?

TeePublic has a unique selection of shirts from independent artists that you can’t find anywhere else. TeePublic shirts fit well. The print is a good quality with a lot of potential color options.

Hereof, Can I delete my Teepublic account?

You may close your account at any time by e-mailing and letting them know you want your account closed. We will then delete your account accordingly.

Consequently How do I cancel my Teepublic account? Please log into your account and go to your account settings page. From there, navigate to “Edit Settings”, scroll to the bottom of the page, and deactivate your account. You will be asked to provide brief feedback on why you have decided to close your account.

In this regard, How do I delete my Teespring account?

If you want to delete and stop using your account, you may delete it by emailing to at privacy@teespring dot com. Information On The Use and Processing Of Your Data and The Lawful Bases.

Is selling on TeePublic worth it?

Selling your art on TeePublic is a great way to diversify your income as an artist. Even if it doesn’t develop into your main stream of income, TeePublic is easy and passive enough to be worthwhile. TeePublic is continuing to grow, which means that it’s a great time for artists to get involved.

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What kind of shirts do TeePublic use?

For classic t-shirts, fulfillment centers offer 100% Cotton for classic solid color shirts, 90/10% Cotton/Polyester blend for ‘Heather Grey’ and 50/50% or 60/40% Cotton/Polyester blend for other Heather colors.

Does TeePublic charge shipping?

Shipping rates vary depending on the weight of the order, the number of packages needed to fulfill the order, and the delivery location. Within the U.S. several shipping options are offered, typically starting around $6.99. Shipping internationally typically starts around $7.99 USD.

How do you get paid on TeePublic?

We pay all designers through monthly PayPal or Payoneer transfers, and we do not currently have a way of paying via any other options. Have questions about taxation? Please check out our tax policy here.

How much do you make TeePublic?

You earn 11% on all sales you refer to TeePublic. AND if you are selling your own designs you’ll collect artist earnings, too!

Does Teespring own your design?

Design Guard is intended to reassure shoppers they are purchasing from the original, legitimate creator of the design. … All Teespring sellers who own a registered trademark or copyrighted design are welcome to contact to request Design Guard be added to their listing(s).

Why is my Teespring account disabled?

Any seller caught or reported for false advertising will immediately have their Teespring account disabled and all listings deactivated.

How do I delete my crunchbase account?

If you no longer wish to utilize your Crunchbase account, you may submit a request to our team at to deactivate your user account. Please submit your request from the email address linked to the user account in reference and include the following: First name. Last name.

How much money do you get from TeePublic?

You earn 11% on all sales you refer to TeePublic. AND if you are selling your own designs you’ll collect artist earnings, too!

What is better redbubble or TeePublic?

Simply upload your design once and you’ll be able to apply it to all of the products they have to offer. The reason why uploading to Redbubble takes longer than TeePublic is because they currently offer more products. … In my experience, Redbubble is better at this than TeePublic.

What are TeePublic shirts like?

The print was soft and nice as were the t-shirts. The third t-shirt was a let down because of a design that is perhaps not suitable for a t-shirt as well as poor print quality. The pricing is fair and I would definitely recommend TeePublic but I would be wary of buying t-shirts with intricate designs.

Does TeePublic offer free shipping?

No, TeePublic does not offer free shipping.

How do I return TeePublic?

Returns cannot be offered unless the item is defective. Exchanges, however, can be offered for apparel sizing issues. To set up an exchange, please reach out via the Contact Us page, include your original order information and the size you’d like in your e-mail, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Is TeePublic shipping free?

No, TeePublic does not offer free shipping.

Does TeePublic ship for you?

In addition, TeePublic will arrange for the delivery of the physical product to your customer. … You may order a physical product based on your own art or you may offer your art for sale as part of the sale of a physical product.

Is TeePublic free to sell?

If you sign up for a TeePublic shop, you don’t have to pay for a single thing (either to sign up or post your designs for sale), you can offer as many products for sale as you want, and you can offer as many designs for sale in your shop as you want.

How do I get started with TeePublic?

7 Tips To Start Your Shop Right!

  1. Sign Up. First things first: Let’s sign up! …
  2. Knock Out Your Backgrounds. Next, let’s knock out those pesky white backgrounds. …
  3. Upload. …
  4. Get Help with Designs. …
  5. Customize Your Storefront/ Learn Your Way Around: …
  6. Self-Promote: …
  7. Analyze Your Shop:


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