Upgrading the HQ unlocks new base buildings and upgrades.

Upgrade Differences

  • At level 24, the Headquarters gains a second radar on top of its left ceiling. …
  • Headquarters that are owned by Lt.

In this way, How long does it take to max everything in boom beach?

535 Days, 21 Hours and 7 Minutes.

Hereof, What should you upgrade first in boom beach?

Upgrade order: Landing Crafts. Generally you want to level them up to even-numbered LC levels because they’ll provide the space for one extra Heavy or Zooka. Do all your Zooka crafts up first, because the Zookas will benefit from the space before the Heavies.

Consequently How do you gain XP in boom beach? You can earn Experience Points by upgrading your buildings or troops in the Armory, or with new construction. Tap on the blue circle in the upper left corner of your screen to see how many Experience Points you have, and how many you need to reach the next level.

In this regard, What do sculptors do in boom beach?

General Information. The Sculptor is used to create special statues. There are 4 types of statues: Life, Ice, Magma, and Dark. Statues provide bonuses to different aspects of the game, such as increasing building health, increasing troop damage and increasing resource production.

Can people attack your base in boom beach?

There is no “cooldown” or “shield” that protects your base after a defense, so as long as there are players with your base on their map, you can be attacked again.

14 Related Questions and Answers

What is the longest upgrade in boom beach?

Currently, the longest building upgrade (HQ level 20) takes two and a half days rather than the weeks it takes to get some of the later upgrades in Clash of Clans. Building a new level 1 building takes mere seconds in most cases.

Are tanks good in boom beach?

Grenadiers are also effective with Tanks, as they can destroy front-line Cannons safely. With luck, they can also destroy Boom Mines. … Using Tanks requires you to have high-level Artillery and Barrage and a good amount of Gunboat Energy because you rely heavily on both of these to take out Boom Cannons and Cannons.

Does upgrading heroes give XP boom beach?

Unlike the Armory, upgrading Heroes or their abilities does not give Experience. However, they count towards the Outfitter Achievement.

How do you train troops in boom beach?

To train troops, tap on a landing craft, then select the add troops button and then choose “Reinforce”. Choose the type of troop you wish to train, or reinforce your depleted squad. Training time depends on the troop (eg: Heavies take longer than Riflemen).

How many masterpieces can you have in boom beach?

You can have two Masterpieces of the same element like both a troop health and a troop damage Masterpiece. You are just not allowed to have two Masterpieces with the same effect. ) on it.

What do tribes do in boom beach?

Each tribe provides a boost that will help some aspect of your war effort. To use these boosts, you must use Raw Crystals that you have mined up. Each boost assists the war effort in some way.

How do you get more power powder in boom beach?

Once you press the “Boost” button, the timer will begin counting down. Power Powder is a consumable item meaning that once you use one, you cannot get it back. Power Powder can be received by either salvaging a Masterpiece or by upgrading your Sculptor.

Is Boom Beach a PvE?

Boom Beach and the main focus seems to still be around PvE instead of PvP. Because the AI bases are relatively easy to destroy and the player has in-consumable troops, even an unskilled player can win half a dozen battles during one session.

How do you defend in boom beach?


  1. Make sure that as many defenses as possible are within range of the Headquarters. …
  2. Never place your Rocket Launcher(s) right next to the HQ. …
  3. Flamethrowers should always be in range of the HQ. …
  4. Place some Mines and/or Boom Mines around the HQ to heavily damage Warriors that attempt to rush the HQ.

What do sculptors do in Boom Beach?

General Information. The Sculptor is used to create special statues. There are 4 types of statues: Life, Ice, Magma, and Dark. Statues provide bonuses to different aspects of the game, such as increasing building health, increasing troop damage and increasing resource production.

Should I upgrade my vault in Boom Beach?

The Vault protects your Resources from enemy attacks. It keeps an percentage of your resources safe, even if your headquarters is destroyed. Upgrade your Vault to keep more of your resources protected.

Should you rush in Boom Beach?

To reach the end game faster and with eventually have more ease with upgrades an offensively focused, rushing playstyle is the way to go.

What is heavy damage in boom beach?

Summary. The Heavy is the second troop unlocked in the game. He is unlocked at Headquarters level 2. The Heavy is great at soaking up damage since he has a lot of health. Use him to protect damage-dealing troops such as Riflemen or Zookas.

How do you beat boom cannon in boom beach?

Offensive Strategy

  1. When attacking Boom Cannons, be sure to either destroy them upfront with a Barrage or Artillery, or limit your time in range of them without them being shocked. …
  2. Boom Cannons have a long reload time, so they can easily be taken out by a group of small Troops.

How do you get a scorcher in boom beach?


  1. The Scorcher is unlocked at Headquarters level 18.
  2. Each Scorcher costs 8 Gunboat Energy to deploy.
  3. After attacking a building for a few seconds, the Scorcher will change targets even if its target is not destroyed yet.

Does Boom Beach have clans?

So the people that work on Clash Of Clans aren’t the people that work on Boom Beach. That’s why it’s been over a year on Clash Of Clans and there is only 10 TH (Town Halls) while Boom Beach has like 20 Headquarters already and it has only been 3 months!


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