No doubt speechify is a great app if you want to improve your reading speed or productivity. However, if you are looking for text to realistic voice then definitely micmonster is a much better option. Not only it is affordable but it also sounds realistic like humans.

Considering this, Is Speechify free? It’s good to know that the Speechify app is free to use on your web browser as a Chrome extension. It’s also available to download as an app on iOS or your Android device.

Who is the owner of Speechify? Cliff Weitzman – Founder CEO – Speechify | LinkedIn.

Furthermore, Is there anything better than Speechify? There are more than 10 alternatives to Speechify for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Online / Web-based, Mac, iPhone and Android. The best alternative is Read Aloud, which is both free and Open Source.

What is the cost of Speechify?

Users can snap a photo of a book, document, image, contract or worksheet to convert it to audio. It’s free to try for three days, but after that it costs $139 annually. Users can adjust the voice of the reader, as well as the words spoken per minute.

Can Speechify read in Spanish? There are 14 available languages for translation; they include Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese (male and female), Dutch (male and female), Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, German, Italian, Hebrew, and Russian.

Is Speechify alternative? There are more than 10 alternatives to Speechify for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Online / Web-based, Mac, iPhone and Android. The best alternative is Read Aloud, which is both free and Open Source.

Can you share Speechify?

Can Speechify read other languages?

Listen to your content with any of Speechify’s HD voices or 50+ supported languages, and find the perfect reading speed that works for you. Read along with Speechify’s interactive reading interface, or simply lay back and listen!

Is Speechify secure? All information you provide to us through the Products is stored on our secure servers located in the US. Any payment transactions will be encrypted using SSL technology; all payment information is stored with our payment processor and is never stored on Speechify’s servers.

Who is the Speechify model?

Cliff Weitzman is the founder of Speechify, a text-to-speech-audiobooks app and in 2017 was named in Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30 list. A senior at Brown University and Google Student ambassador, Weitzman is a dyslexia advocate who built Speechify as a tool to help him manage his own dyslexia.

Why is Speechify free? The free version of the app gives me full access to the mobile app, which is pretty useful for obvious reasons, but Speechify Pro lets me transform PDFs into audiobooks and send them to my iPhone, so I can listen to them pretty much anywhere.

Can you get Speechify on Android?

Latest version

Speechify is a tool for Android for listening to any texts saved on your device. Thanks to a highly-intuitive interface, it is easy to choose the playback voice that you prefer.

Can you buy Speechify monthly?

Get access to 150,000 words in Speechify’s HD Natural voices with a monthly subscription to Speechify Premium starting at $29.99 a month. Save by purchasing the quarterly ($23.33/mo.) or annual account ($11.59/mo). Without a premium account, users have access to only 200 words a day.

How do I change voice on Speechify?

Is Speechify for Chrome free? With Speechify you can listen to any text on iOS and Chrome. That’s right, ANY text. Whether you want to listen to physical documents or digital pdfs, we’ve made it possible with our free text to speech software.

Is Speechify free for students?

Speechify. What started as a personal study tool has now evolved into a fully featured text-to-speech reader. This free to download app is one of our absolute favorites. It’s super easy to use.

Can I use Speechify on Android? Android Apps by Speechify – Text To Speech | Dyslexia Reading on Google Play.

Can I use Speechify on my computer?

Simply snap a picture of your document, import the file in our app or use our chrome extension on your computer and Speechify will read your document to you in the most natural HD voice.

Can iPhone do text to speech? You can have your iPhone speak your screen out loud. By tapping into the Speech setting on your iPhone, you can hear the entire screen read aloud from top to bottom or just selected text. You can listen to text as you type it, word by word or each character. You can even hear predicted text.

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