Whilst we don’t have Chicken Tuesdays, why not head on over to our tasty menu or check out some of our existing deals. Just head to your local KFC, tap the KFC app for Mobile Ordering or hit up the KFC website, and pick up your order. … Chicken Tuesdays won’t be away for long.

Subsequently, Does KFC have a 20 piece bucket?

Twenty dollars can deliver a lot of contentment. And now we’re offering you and your crew a bushel of $20 Fill Up® options to choose from, including our 8-piece Original Recipe® Chicken, 8-piece Extra Crispy™ Chicken, and 12-piece Chicken Extra Crispy™ Tenders.

Keeping this in consideration, What is the Tuesday special at Kentucky Fried Chicken?

9 for £5.99: Get 9 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken on the bone for just £5.99 on Tuesdays.

Beside above How much is 7 piece at KFC? Bust your hunger with seven pieces of the original recipe chicken at KFC.

What’s in a 10 piece bargain bucket?

10 Piece Bargain Bucket

  • 10 Pieces of Original Recipe Chicken.
  • 4 Regular Fries.
  • 5p Donation to Comic Relief.

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What’s in a KFC bargain bucket?

6 Piece Bargain Bucket

A bumper bargain bucket of six pieces of our famous Original Recipe chicken pieces, with four regular fries. A feast fit for the whole family.

What’s the best deal at KFC?

The $5 Fill Up is one of the most popular KFC menu specials, showcasing five fan favorites, sides, and desserts for just five dollars. This KFC menu special currently offers a $5 Fill Up with Drumstick & Thigh, Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Breast, Famous Bowl, and Pot Pie.

Does KFC have a $10 bucket?

Meant to serve two people, the $10 Chicken Share bucket can come filled with a variety of options including: nine Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders; six pieces of fried chicken, “lots” of Popcorn Nuggets; or 12 Hot Wings (where available).

What is KFC 10 piece bucket?

Eight hot wings, ten pieces of Original Recipe chicken and four 100% chicken breast Mini Fillets, with four regular fries. A full-on fiery family feast.

Is KFC doing 10 pieces for 10?

FRIED chicken fans can get their hands on 10 pieces for £10 as KFC brings back a popular meal deal. For ten pounds you can get 10 pieces of original recipe chicken – which would usually cost £19.90. But while this is a great money saver from KFC don’t forget to factor in delivery fees.

Does KFC have a 6 piece bucket?

The meal includes 6 pieces of chicken (mixed), 1 large side, and 3 biscuits and is available at participating KFC locations. … There’s an extra charge if you want to substitute in breast pieces or KFC Boneless chicken.

How much is a 12 piece boneless bucket from KFC?

Rather than £18.99, KFC’s famous 12-piece boneless dipping feast is now £16, whilst the fast food chain’s 14-piece bargain bucket has been slashed from £17.99 to £15.

How much is the 6 piece bargain bucket from KFC?

The first deal is the six piece Bargain Bucket, which is being sold for £6.99. The bucket is usually £11.99 and contains six pieces of KFC’s iconic original recipe chicken, as well as four regular fries. If you prefer a mess-free meal, then KFC’s Boneless Banquet could be perfect for you.

What’s in a KFC party bucket?

14 Piece Party Bucket

It’s the ultimate KFC bucket! Fourteen pieces of our famous Original Recipe chicken, with eight 100% chicken breast Mini Fillets, eight Hot Wings, one large Popcorn Chicken, two large sides and six regular fries, plus a large bottle of drink for sharing.

How much is a 15 piece meal at KFC?

Never miss a Moment

Hello, the 21-piece Bucket is $3,995 & comes with a 2 ltr soda, and the 15-piece Bucket is $2,995 & comes with a 2 ltr soda.

Can you order just drumsticks at KFC?

You can mix and match any pieces except breasts. A standard 10 piece would come with two breats, two legs, three thighs, and three wings. The way all chicken places work is for each extra breast, they charge a certain amount extra.

What’s in a KFC standard bucket?

Includes 12 pieces of our Original Recipe® Chicken, 1 Large Fries, 1 Medium Gravy, and your choice of 2 Medium Sides.

What is KFC 12 piece bucket?

Beside above, what pieces of chicken are in a 12 piece KFC bucket? Includes 12 pieces of our Original Recipe® Chicken, 1 Large Fries, 1 Medium Gravy, and your choice of 2 Medium Sides. Hear what your mouth is enjoying.

What is in a KFC Deluxe Boneless Box?

A feast of twelve 100% chicken breast Mini Fillets plus Popcorn Chicken, four regular fries, two corn cobs, one large beans, four dips and a large bottle of the drink of your choice. A deluxe dipper’s delight.

How much is the 12 piece boneless feast?

KFC are introducing their new KFC App offers for February when you scan your app, one of these is the “12 Piece Dipping Boneless Feast” for £16.99/€25.

What is the $30 fill up at KFC?

The new $30 Fill Up includes KFC’s 8-piece Original Recipe or Extra Crispy, and 12-piece Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders. Each meal also comes complete with a large coleslaw, four biscuits, and two large mashed potatoes and gravy.

How much is a KFC rice box?

According to the KFC website, the rice boxes are “all packed up in an on-the-go box. A delicious lunch that won’t weigh you down.” The snack launched in the UK and Ireland over the summer. It can be bought for £4.49 on its own or with a drink for £4.99.


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