Is Bright Money safe to use? Yes, your money and information are safe with Bright. It uses Plaid, a financial services company, to connect your banking and credit card information. Plaid uses multilayered security, including end-to-end data encryption and multifactor authentication.

Considering this, How does Bright money make money? Bright uses new patented technology called MoneyScience™, a system of 34 algorithms that studies your finances, learns about your debts, and makes payments for you, automatically.

How does Bright money work? Bright uses new patented technology called MoneyScience™, a system of 34 algorithms that studies your finances, learns about your goals, moves funds when it makes sense and makes payments for you, automatically.

Furthermore, Does Tally affect credit score? Does Tally hurt your credit score? A. When approving lines of credit, Tally performs a soft credit check, which will not impact your score. Your credit score could get hurt if you select You Pay rather than Tally Pays and you fail to make an on-time monthly payment to the card issuer.

How do I cancel my bright money account?

If you desire to terminate this Agreement and delete your account, contact us at Your account will be closed, and your ability to log in deactivated immediately. To remove Bright Money from your mobile devices, delete the App.

What is bright app? Description. Bright is a smarter and faster way to pay off credit card debt. Using advanced technology, Bright pays off your card debt – automatically. Bright learns about your finances and makes payments for you, always on time, optimized for savings, and adapting automatically as your needs shift.

Is Bright app free? Access to the Bright application is offered on a subscription basis. In order to use the app’s services, you will need to subscribe to any of the available plans. If you choose to subscribe, the payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

What is bright card? The BB&T Bright Card is a low-interest credit card. This card offers a 0% introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months, then a variable APR of 11.24% and 20.24%. It earns cash back rewards when you redeem offers through the BB&T Deals website.

What is BB&T Bright credit card?

The BB&T bright card is a low interest credit card. The card has a 0% intro rate for purchases and balance transfer, followed by a variable APR (11.24% or 20.24%) over 15 months. You can redeem offers on the BB&T Deals site to earn cash back. Each offer has a different amount of cashback.

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