The Spotify Premium for Family account offers a very simple and cost-effective way to allow an entire family to stream the music they like. … Emails are being sent out to some Family plan subscribers asking them to confirm their home address, which is done by clicking the “Confirm Now” button and GPS data is shared.

Besides, How does Spotify duo mix work?

The Duo Mix playlist combines the music tastes of both members of a Duo plan. It comes preloaded with genres, artists, and songs you’ve each played on your own, and updates the more you play. Note: Your profile picture shows next to songs generated by your listening. Only people in your plan can see this.

Also, Does Spotify duo work if you don’t live together?

Spotify Premium Family / Duo are offeres made for users who are either a family living under the same address or for 2 people living under the same address (Duo). Unfortunately, sigining up requires an address confirmation which if does not match, the service will be unavailable.

Herein, Does Spotify family work if you don’t live together? The streaming audio company says that only users who reside at the same address are allowed to use a family plan. So if you share a plan with some friends who don’t live with you or you’ve moved out of your parent’s house, your days of a cheaper Spotify subscription may be numbered.

Do you have to be under one roof for Spotify family?

Spotify will now limit the use of its family plan. The plan will require all members on the plan to live under the same roof in order to take advantage of the family discount price. It’s been reported that the app will periodically use Google Maps to ensure that you are actually at the address you entered.

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How do I switch from Spotify premium to Duo?

Switch Premium plans

  1. Log into
  2. Under Your plan, click CHANGE PLAN.
  3. Choose a plan.

How do I get rid of Spotify duo mix?

To remove explicit songs from Duo Mix, open your Duo Mix playlist, tap on the 3-dots icon, and select ‘Remove your explicit songs’ from the options. You should note that removing explicit songs from Duo Mix will only delete explicit songs based on your music taste.

What is premium duo?

Premium Duo is designed for audio-loving pairs living at the same address. Each individual gets their own Premium account under one plan in addition to unique benefits for couples for just $12.99 (or market equivalent) per month.

Does Spotify duo track location?

Every person added to the plan will have to do the same, or enable location services for Spotify on their devices, the company said. … “Once verification of a family member’s home address is completed, we do not store their location data or track their location at any time,” a Spotify spokesperson said.

Does Spotify really check address for family?

A spokesperson for Spotify confirmed that, “Once verification of a family member’s home address is completed, we do not store their location data or track their location at any time.” The company also states that the location data is encrypted and can be edited by the account owner.

Can you trick Spotify family?

To get started, you all need a Spotify Premium account to create the group. Next, open Spotify and play a song, then tap on Devices Available in the bottom of the screen. Find the sharing code under ‘Start a group session‘. A friend or family can scan this code from their device by pointing the camera at it.

Can I remove myself from Spotify family?

It is currently not possible to manually leave the family plan yourself. The owner of the family plan has to do it. If you get an automated reply email telling you to check the help section or the community, you need to reply back to it, even if it’s from a no-reply address.

Does Spotify family locate?

As Spotify states, “Spotify will only use your GPS data to verify your location and nothing else.” So expect periodic polling of your device’s Location Services in an effort to discover the user’s location. Laptops and computers will have their locations determined via their IP address.

Is Spotify family worth?

Spotify Premium Family

It’s only worth getting Premium if you’re planning on splitting the account between three or more individuals, or if you desperately want access to Spotify Kids. Otherwise, Spotify Duo is the more cost-friendly alternative between two people.

Is Spotify duo available in the US?

The music stream service is giving a discount to couples and people living at the same address.

Can you listen to Spotify for free?

Visit the Spotify website and sign-up. … Download and install the free Spotify application. There are versions for desktop and iPhone/iPad and Android phones. Sign into your account on those devices and get listening.

How do I separate my Spotify accounts?

From the account overview page, click Premium for Family in the left sidebar. Click Get Started. Enter your payment information and click Start my Spotify Premium. Invite up to five other people to your Spotify Family account using the email addresses they use for Spotify.

What’s the difference between Spotify family and Duo?

The Premium Family subscription includes Family Mix – a playlist based on the tastes of each member. The plan’s manager can also choose if members get explicit content. Premium Duo is a subscription plan for two people living together. It includes Duo Mix – a playlist based on the tastes of both people on the plan.

What is the point of Spotify duo?

“Premium Duo includes our extensive music and podcast catalog and everything users love about Spotify Premium. With two individual Premium accounts, you can both listen independently, uninterrupted and get all of your personalized playlists and features tailored just for you.

Why does Spotify duo need my address?

We ask members to verify that they live with the plan manager by providing their full address: When they join. If we can’t confirm their info.

Does Spotify keep history?

Spotify keeps close track of your listening history, both for your convenience and to personalize the music it recommends to you. … Here’s how to find your Spotify listening history, using both your phone and computer.

How does Spotify enforce same address?

In Spotify’s descriptions for its premium plans, the Family plan is said to be “for families residing on the same address.” To enforce this, the music streaming service’s updated terms and conditions for the family plan, uploaded in August, state that Spotify will, from time to time, ask members to verify that they are

Why can’t ti join Spotify family?

If your family members can’t verify the address, they’re removed from the plan and won’t be able to join again. If you’re all living in the same address, but they still get the error when joining. You’ll need to contact our Support team via Twitter or Facebook.


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