How to Hit the Bullseye in Darts

  1. Grip it Lightly. For control, put your thumb and first finger on the back of the dart while resting the middle finger on the point. …
  2. Point Your Toe at the Target. …
  3. Have a Strong Follow-Through. …
  4. The Board. …
  5. The Dart.

Subsequently, What should I aim for in darts?

Total duffers should aim slightly to the left of the bullseye, near the point where the 8 and 16 meet, while moderate players should aim for triple 19.

Keeping this in consideration, Who is the richest dart player in the world?

Michael van Gerwen has an estimated net worth of £5.3million following his 2019 PDC World Darts Championship victory. With Phil Taylor retiring after 2018’s world darts final defeat to Rob Cross that makes him comfortably the richest darts player on the planet.

Beside above What is the best dart throwing technique? How to throw

  1. Take back. The movement where you draw back the dart. Try to move your arm from your elbow so your arm makes a folding fan shaped movement. …
  2. Release. The movement where you release the dart. …
  3. Follow through. The movement where you extend your arm straight after release.

Why do my darts go left?

If your darts go up and left, your elbow is moving in and toward your body. I’ve found that this is most likely a sign of bad alignment between your body and the board. You aren’t aligned with the throw you are trying to make, so your upper arm moves to try to fix the left/right error.

21 Related Questions and Answers

Are heavier darts better?

The lower the weight, the harder you will have to throw. If you like to throw with a lot of force, a lighter dart may be the way to go. If you have a more relaxed style of throwing, heavier is probably better. … Darts range from 18 grams to 50 grams, but you’ll rarely see a player with a dart heavier than 35 grams.

Why do my darts go in at an angle?

Darts will land sideways in the board due to a bad release or having incorrect dart components. If you spin your darts or grip them too tightly on release then this will lead to the dart hitting the board at the incorrect angle while flights, stem length, and dart weight can also have an influence.

Is there a prize for a 9 dart finish?

If a player hits a nine darter in a non-televised event, they are awarded a Silver Pin Badge. If a player hits a 9 dart finish in a televised competition, they receive a Gold Pin Badge.

Is Phil Taylor going to play darts again?

OCHE GODFATHER Phil Taylor plans to return to the PDC circuit next year – at the 2022 UK Open. SunSport reported over the weekend that The Power plans to play in the inaugural World Seniors Darts Championship, which will be launched next January or February in London.

Why is 26 in darts called breakfast?

Bed and Breakfast (Darts)?

: Bed And Breakfast or Half-a-Crown or Murphy: A British term for the score of 26 in an 01 game, from hitting a 20 and one each of the adjacent numbers, 1 and 5. So called because breakfast used to cost 26 pence.

Do you spin a dart when you throw it?

Should Darts Spin When Thrown? It is okay if darts spin. If your natural grip and throw consistently puts spin on your dart in flight, then that’s fine. If your throw does not naturally put spin on a dart, then it is not recommended to make your darts spin intentionally.

How many hours a day should you practice darts?

Time per day

The most any practice day should be is 3.5 hours, which equals a maximum of four full sessions with proper breaks. If you are going for a big practice day then you will need to lengthen the breaks in-between each hour, making the actual practice day last almost 5-6 hours.

What is 3 Bullseyes in darts called?

In some archery traditions the term “gold” is used in preference to “bullseye”. In target archery, hitting the center ring of an international target is worth 10 points, or an 9 points if it’s an Imperial target. … Hitting three bullseyes in darts is known as the “Alan Evans shot”.

Why do my darts wobble when I throw them?

The reason your darts wobble when you throw them is because you either don’t have a proper foot stance, or you are not releasing your dart properly. These two reasons alone will cause your darts to wobble in the air instead of them flying straight or with a slight curve onto the dartboard.

Why is 45 called a bag of nuts in darts?

Bag O’ Nuts – Getting 45 points as a total score for the throw is called BAG O’ NUTS. It is named following the prize presented at a fairground. Bag of nuts – Refers to the score of 45. In 1930, this term was first used in England where players reaching a score of 45 got a chance to win the customer a bag of nuts.

What weight dart does Phil Taylor use?

What darts does Phil Taylor? Phil Taylor uses 26 gram Target Legacy Darts. They are a thick front-loaded dart that could almost be considered a stubby. They have standard ringed grooves cut through the middle of the barrel.

What darts are best for beginners?

Best Darts for Beginners

  1. CUESOUL 30/28/26 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts. …
  2. Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts. …
  3. CUESOUL 22/24/26 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts. …
  4. Viper Jaguar 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart. …
  5. Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts.

What darts to choose for beginners?

Beginners should start at the heavier end of the weight scale and will probably find they prefer lighter darts when their action/grip becomes consistent. (a) If in doubt and since the maximum permitted weight is 50g!! Starting around the middle at 24/25/26g would be a sensible beginners weight.

Why can’t I throw my darts straight?

If your darts go up and left, your elbow is moving in and toward your body. I’ve found that this is most likely a sign of bad alignment between your body and the board. You aren’t aligned with the throw you are trying to make, so your upper arm moves to try to fix the left/right error.

How do you throw darts with precision?

To throw a dart with precision, you must keep your elbow up and eye on the target. Your upper arm should not move during the throw and it should act as a base of a pendulum to launch the dart at the dartboard.

Who has hit the most 9 darters?

Most prolific nine-darters. Phil Taylor has achieved this feat more than any other darts player on television, having done so 11 times. The first came on 1 August 2002 during a quarter final tie against Chris Mason, at the 2002 PDC World Matchplay in Blackpool.

Do darts players get paid for a 9 darter?

Since 2019, no extra amount has been paid out at the PDC for throwing a nine-darter because the prize money has risen considerably over the years.

How often is there a 9 dart finish?

There have been 344 nine-dart finishes in PDC history since 1999. 2020 saw 29 nine-dart finishes, though only Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen have ever been able to hit two nine-darters in the same game.


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