When determining the value of a movie poster, the most important factor to ascertain is the authenticity of the item and whether it was released when the film was originally released to cinemas or on a subsequent re-release later on.

How can I track my Posterfi order? A tracking number will be emailed to you once the order has shipped. If you place an order with posters of various sizes, please note that you will receive an email with two separate tracking numbers.

Also, Are old movie posters worth money? Coveted specimens worth a lot of money

Big-name collectors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicolas Cage are prepared to stump up hundreds of thousands of dollars for the rarest, most sought-after classic movie posters. Yet even relatively recent and commonly available specimens can be worth good money.

Is my poster worth anything?

A poster is an original if it was printed in the first printing run. Later official reprints may also have some value, but typically they are significantly less worth than the original poster. Reproductions of a poster have no monetary value. … However, a very rare poster may achieve a high price even in poor condition.

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What is the normal size of a movie poster?

Although there are plenty of different sizes a poster can be, there are really four poster sizes that are the most common either for printing yourself or for purchase. These sizes include 11″ x 17″, 18″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″ and 27” x 40″. The later are the most common standard poster size for movie posters.

How long does shipping take from Posterfi?

We process and ship items within 2-3 business days*. Once the order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email. Please click “Tracking link” within the email to get the most up-to-date shipping information.

How can I cancel my Posterfi order?

All sales are final. If your order is damaged, simply email support@posterfi.com, with your order number and name so we can best resolve your situation. We do reserve the right to cancel and refund any order that is deemed potentially fraudulent.

What is the rarest movie poster?

The most expensive US film poster is The Mummy from 1932 and when it sold for $435,500 in 1997 it was the highest price ever paid for a poster.

How can you tell if a poster is vintage?

A poster is considered vintage if it is at least twenty-five years old and is an original advertising print.

What is the most valuable poster?

The study by Top Dollar reveals that the most most valuable movie poster of all time is Heinz Schulz-Neudamm’s 1927 design for Metropolis, which sold at auction for $690,000.

What are the most valuable movie posters?

These are the top 5 most expensive movie posters ever sold!

  1. Metropolis (1927, international version) – €1 Million.
  2. The Mummy (1932) – €370,000. …
  3. Metropolis (1927) – €307,000. …
  4. The Black Cat (1934) / The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) – € 287,605. …
  5. Dracula (1931) – €267,000. …

What makes movie posters valuable?

For movie posters, value is determined by a combination of factors, the most important being the title of the film. The most desirable posters are those from the most universally loved films such as Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, or It’s a Wonderful Life.

What is a lobby card poster?

As the name suggests, Lobby Cards (as they are called in the U.S.) or Front of House Cards (as they are known in the U.K.), were designed for display in the customer-facing areas of a cinema / movie theatre. … Printed on a thicker ‘card stock’ than larger movie posters, they were originally produced in black and white.

What should a film poster include?

The text on film posters usually contains the film title in large lettering and often the names of the main actors. It may also include a tagline, the name of the director, names of characters, the release date, and other pertinent details to inform prospective viewers about the film.

How can I make a movie poster?

5 Steps to Creating a Movie Poster

  1. Get a good photo. Pretty obvious. …
  2. Add some effects to the photo. Very few posters are a straight photograph. …
  3. Give the poster a title. All movie posters need a title. …
  4. Add the credits to the bottom of the poster. This is easily overlooked as a technicality. …
  5. Add a tagline. …
  6. 4 Comments.

What does NSS mean on a poster?

Confusingly however, while nearly all original posters are issued by the National Screen Service (NSS), there are a handful of movie posters which have been issued by another party (such as the studio or a third-party promo company) and they can also be considered original.

Are lobby cards worth anything?

The current market value for a lobby card (sets are usually broken down, and the cards sold individually) ranges from $1 for a “dead” card to $25,000 or more for a horror title card like Frankenstein or Dracula.

When did they stop folding movie posters?

Film posters sold in general retail are in poster size, 24 by 36 inches (61 cm × 91 cm). Prior to 1985, the majority of film posters sent to cinemas were folded before mailing and, on rare occasions, they were instead rolled and shipped in tubes.

Are movie posters a good investment?

Classic: The posters for films deemed as classic, cult or just plain cool will always make sound investments. You can have a poster in great condition but unless it’s for a film deemed a ‘classic’, demand for the poster will generally be lower and hence any return on investment limited.

How do I know if my poster is original or reprint?

Original lithographic posters will not look pixelated under a loupe or magnifying glass. The process of stone lithography applies a solid layer of color to the paper, whereas posters that are digitally reproduced all have the tell-tale pixels when seen under magnification.

How can you tell the difference between a lithograph and a poster?

Typically, posters are digitally printed in bulk.

On the other hand, lithographs are works of art that are hand-printed by an artist (or artisan) that has been reproduced in small quantities from an original image, using grease, ink, water, and a special surface such as limestone.

What happens to movie posters from theaters?

The cinema will either choose to destroy them or throw them out; sometimes, it is part of the contract between the movie studio and cinema that the posters must be destroyed. … They might even request that the posters are shredded before been thrown out.

What is the most expensive poster in the world?

In 1997, the rare Mummy poster was sold at auction for $453,500, which at the time made it the world’s most expensive movie poster. It was subsequently dethroned by a 1931 poster for Dracula, which sold for $525,800 last year.


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