Shinola does not make bad watches, but where the brand seems to come up short in the eyes of serious collectors is in regards to liquidity and value for money. … Above a certain price point, buyers want something more for their money than just a good-looking watch.

Subsequently, Does Shinola replace batteries for free?

In the case of defects covered by the warranties, all components (excluding battery, leather/rubber/nylon/silicone strap, stainless steel bracelet, and buckle) will be repaired or the watch will be replaced free of charge.

Keeping this in consideration, How much do Shinola watches cost?

Priced at an average of $500 – $600, Shinola allows you to design a watch that suits your style.

Beside above Does Shinola make an automatic watch? No matter what you choose, each of our automatic watches commands attention from its unique features and design. Built with lasting quality and designed with attention to even the smallest of details, our automatic watches are quick to become a timepiece favorite. You won’t be able to go anywhere without it.

Are Shinola watches made in the USA?

Online ads with the “Shinola Detroit” tag reinforce the implied message that Shinola watches are made in the USA, even as the company now acknowledges on its website that “[e]very Shinola watch is built in Detroit with Swiss and other imported parts.”

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Do Shinola stores replace batteries?

Here at Shinola, we offer to replace the battery for you. We recommend you check with the company or manufacturer you bought the watch from to see if they do the same. For a fee, you can visit the store or send in your watch for battery repair.

How much does Shinola charge to replace a battery?

Deluxe Shinola Battery Service: $40

Replacing or changing a Shinola watch battery costs as little as $20 with our Basic Battery Service.

Is Shinola a good brand?

For those looking for stylish and sturdy watches, Shinola has lived up to its name. The Shinola brand has also attracted praises for its marketing, but when compared to brands like Fossil, the later has been preferred with many saying the quality is on par with Shinola but at a lower price point.

Are Shinola watches Swiss made?

At Shinola, all our watches are made in Detroit with Swiss and other high-quality imported parts.

What leather does Shinola use?

Bucking the Trend: Why You Should Embrace Nubuck Leather. Nubuck leather is everything luxury should be: unique, striking, and with a quality you can truly feel in every velvety-soft touch. Design cues on pieces from our Sibley collection are inspired by our love of nubuck.

Are Shinola watches water resistant?

All the Shinola timepieces are designed with a minimum water-resistance rating of 3ATM (100ft / 30m). The water-resistance of a timepiece protects the movement from dust, moisture, and risk of damage to the movement should it be immersed in water. …

Are Shinola watches wind up?

Driven by the SW200-1 automatic movement from Sellita, Shinola Runwell automatics are powerhouse watches with a 38-hour power reserve. … As the wrist moves, the rotor oscillates and automatically winds the mainspring that stores the watch’s energy.

Are Shinola watches battery operated?

Shinola watches often use a 364 size battery. Who Should Replace the Watch Battery? … If you have an expensive watch, we recommend taking your watch to a local jewelry or watch repair shop to have the battery replaced.

What automatic movement does Shinola use?

Traditionally, Shinola has used a quartz movement in our watches, which uses a battery to send an electric current through a quartz crystal to keep it oscillating. In turn, electrical pulses derived from those oscillations drive the motor that moves the watch hands, keeping precise time.

Who is the owner of Shinola?

Tom Kartsotis is the founder of multi-billion-dollar watch company Fossil Group, the founder of brand management firm Bedrock Manufacturing Co and the founder of American luxury lifestyle brand Shinola, which specialises in watches, bicycles and leather goods.

Is Shinola Swiss made?

At Shinola, all our watches are made in Detroit with Swiss and other high-quality imported parts. These highly-desirable parts help us to deliver on our precision watch movements and our uniquely designed and crafted watch dials and cases.

How long should Shinola battery last?

Shinola battery life is about 18 – 30 months.

Frequently changing temperatures from very hot to very cold can shorten battery life – although this isn’t something you should worry about on a regular basis.

How do I change the battery in my Shinola watch?


If all you need is a new battery, you can take your watch to a local jewelry or watch repair shop to have the battery replaced.

How do you wind Shinola?

To wind you watch, first unscrew the crown by turning it counter clockwise until the threads disengage. Next, turn the crown clockwise 30 times to return the power reserve to maximum capacity making sure not to over-wind the watch.

How long has Shinola been in business?

The company was launched in 2011 by Tom Kartosis of Bedrock Brands (who also co-founded Fossil) and it makes watches, bikes and fine leather goods. The company bought the name, Shinola, from an early 1900s shoe polish brand, according to “Business Insider.”

Who owns the Shinola hotel?

The 129-room, eight-story boutique hotel is part of a multimillion-dollar development project by Shinola, founded by Tom Kartsotis of Fossil watches, and Dan Gilbert’s real estate venture, Bedrock, which has acquired and developed more than 100 properties in the city since 2011.

How long does Shinola battery last?

Shinola battery life is about 18 – 30 months.


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