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Pourquoi avoir un calendrier éditorial ?


Advertising-Infographics-Pourquoi-avoir-un-calendrier-editorial Advertising Infographics : Pourquoi avoir un calendrier éditorial ?
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Le calendrier éditorial est indispensable pour un blog, un podcast, des vidéos, les réseaux sociaux… si on veut créer du contenu professionnel. Découvrez pourquoi.

An infographic positions a company as an expert or authority on the topic of the infographic, thus helping the business to become a trusted resource. Infographics are also used for content marketing and viral marketing, since most companies strive to create unique content, especially when created by and for their specific vertical market. Infographic marketing is one of the most effective link bait and link-building strategies that can be leveraged to earn links from a variety of domains.

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