A rep for 14-year-old Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus issued a strong denial on Monday after a fake teen magazine article began making the celebrity blog rounds claiming Cyrus is pregnant. “It’s 100 percent false.

Considering this, Does Miley Cyrus have kids? Tish Cyrus then petitioned for a divorce in 2013, before the couple decided to work things out. The country crooner and Tish Cyrus, who manages her daughter Miley’s career, have five children together: Brandi, 34, Trace, 33, Miley, 29, Braison, 27, and Noah, 22.

Who was Miley’s first love? It’s no secret that Miley’s childhood sweetheart was Nick Jonas as the pair were two massive Disney stars at the time. After first meeting in June 2006 when they were both 13 years old, they went on to date for over a year before ending their relationship in December 2007.

Furthermore, Does Miley Cyrus have a gf? Her first girlfriend’s identity remains unknown, but Cyrus has seemingly had other girlfriends since. The star was spotted kissing Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell around the time that she came out as pansexual in 2015. Cyrus and Hemsworth broke up in 2019 after being together for 10 years.

Who was Miley’s first girlfriend?

Nick Jonas

~Niley~ was the star’s first relationship that really made waves. The two were teen royalty when they first started dating in June 2006, and their relationship lasted for a year and a half before they called it quits in December 2007, inspiring Miley to write her famous hit “7 Things.”

Is Miley Cyrus in a relationship? Miley Cyrus’ new romance came in like a wrecking ball! A source exclusively tells E! News that she is dating Liily drummer Maxx Morando. “She’s happily dating Maxx,” the insider shares. “It’s official between them.”

Did Miley Cyrus date Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber

Fans freaked out when Cyrus went out to dinner with the “Sorry” crooner in May 2010. While many people assumed they were dating, Bieber admitted the “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” singer was “not [his] type” and Cyrus added that they were together to discuss “a side project.”

Did Miley Cyrus date Justin Gaston? Justin and Miley Cyrus were linked as a couple in 2008. It was controversial because of the difference in their ages; they started dating when Gaston was 20 and Cyrus was 15. When they broke up in June 2009, they each posted their sadness on Twitter.

Who is Miley dating May 2021?

Her heart beats for love! Nearly two years after Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson called it quits on their whirlwind romance, she has moved on with Maxx Morando.

Did Miley Cyrus Date Mike WiLL Made It? Mike WiLL Made-It

Us Weekly confirmed in June 2014 that Cyrus had been dating the Bangerz album producer since she and Hemsworth called off their engagement.

When did Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus date?

Miley Cyrus

Never forget your first love! The two Disney darlings started dating in 2006 after they met at a charity event when they were 13 years old. Shortly after, Cyrus brought the Jonas Brothers on her Best of Both Worlds Tour as the opening act, but the couple called it quits at the end of 2007.

Did Miley Cyrus date Liam Hemsworth? Cyrus and Hemsworth dated on and off from August 2010 to April 2011. The couple’s relationship seemingly got serious again in December 2011 as the “Can’t Be Tamed” singer brought the actor as her date to the CNN Heroes Gala in L.A.

Who’s Miley Cyrus with now?

A source exclusively tells E! News that she is dating Liily drummer Maxx Morando. “She’s happily dating Maxx,” the insider shares. “It’s official between them.” Maxx, 23, and Miley, 29, have been hanging out a lot and have mutual friends, a second source tells E! News.

Did Miley Cyrus sleep with Mike will?

A source close to Miley tells E! News she and Mike are “just friends.” The producer and rapper himself even retweeted a link explicitly debunking the hookup reports.

How much money does Miley Cyrus have? 7. Miley Cyrus ($36 million, t…

Who says Mike Will Made It? After one especially inspired bout on the mike, Gucci Mane bestowed on Will his producer name: “Mike Will made it, Gucci Mane slayed it!” he cried.

How many boyfriends did Selena Gomez have?

While she’s continued to develop her career, Selena has maintained a relatively private love life — not counting her more public relationships with Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, of course. Over the years, the “Rare” singer has been linked to the likes of Charlie Puth, Nick Jonas, Orlando Bloom, and Niall Horan.

Is Wedding Bells about Miley Cyrus? “Wedding Bells” made direct references to Nick’s ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus, to which Cyrus acknowledged, stating that she felt that it was blatant that the song was about her but that she didn’t mind being alluded to in the song.

Is Nick Jonas short?

Nick Jonas is the youngest member of the band, and also reportedly the shortest. He comes in just under Joe, standing at about five feet and six inches. Priyanka Chopra, his wife, is about five foot five.

How old was Miley when she got engaged? The source adds, “When they got engaged the first time, they were just kids,” referring to the fact that Cyrus was 19 and Hemsworth was 22. Not to mention, during that time they both began to feel pressure from their careers.

How old was Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana?

After receiving the script from her agents, Miley Cyrus, aged eleven at the time, auditioned against over 1,000 applicants for the lead role, originally named Chloe Stewart. She was rejected for being too young to play the character; Marsh cited her lack of professional experience.

Are Miley and Liam still friends? In a statement to People in August 2019, Miley’s rep said: “Liam and Miley have agreed to separate at this time. Ever-evolving, changing as partners and individuals, they have decided this is what’s best while they both focus on themselves and careers.”

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