The emotional Extra Refreshers Gum commercial song playing throughout this ‘Max & Bill’ ad is titled Every Age and was recorded by the British-Nigerian R&B and soul singer-songwriter Jacob Banks. Every Age has now been released for download just before the Extra Gum ad campaigns launch.

Who made the extra commercial? The commercial, titled “For When It’s Time,” was made by Energy BBDO and filmed in Santiago, Chile, in early March. The ad is scheduled to run at different lengths on television, digital and social channels.

Also, Who sings the song on the Extra gum commercial? Extra Gum TV Commercial, ‘For When It’s Time’ Song by Celine Dion –

Who sings the song in the Excel gum commercial?

Extra Refreshers Gum TV Commercial, ‘Max & Bill: Introduction’ Song by Jacob Banks.

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How many flavors of Extra gum are there?

Extra gum flavors include Spearmint, Peppermint, Polar Ice, Smooth Mint, Winterfresh, Classic Bubble, Sweet Watermelon, Berry Burst, and Cinnamon, with Chewy Mints in Peppermint and Polar Ice, and Refreshers in Tropical, Spearmint, and Polar Ice.

Why is there letters on my extra gum?

‘Find Your Other Half’ sees core flavour singles, bottles and multipacks of Extra prominently featuring a capital letters. Consumers are encouraged to first find their own initial, then pair a pack with partners, friends or family.

What is the song in the Excel commercial?

The song is called “Spinning As We Go” from canadian band Hello Gumption.

How did Wrigley make his money?

In 1891, Wrigley moved from Philadelphia to Chicago to go into business for himself. He had $32 to his name ($931 in 2021 money) and with it he formed a business to sell Wrigley’s Scouring Soap. He offered customers small premiums, particularly baking powder, as an incentive to buy his soap.

What happened Orbit gum?

The brand was discontinued after the war ended, when Wrigley’s three established gum brands, Juicy Fruit, Wrigley’s Spearmint and Doublemint, returned to the US market. … The gum was relaunched in the US in 2001. Orbit gum is now sold in the UK as Wrigleys Extra, alongside the ‘real’, hard shell Extra gum.

What is the Excel commercial song?

The song is called “Spinning As We Go” from canadian band Hello Gumption.

What’s in Extra chewing gum?

Extra Spearmint 14g 10 Piece Pack


Does Extra gum have plastic in it?

The short answer is yes, there is plastic in gum. An ingredient listed as “gum base” in many gum formulas is plastic, and it’s the aspect of the gum that gives it its chewiness. … People have been enjoying the oral fixation of gum for centuries. The ancient Greeks chewed on resin from the mastic tree, called mastiche.

Is Extra chewing gum bad for you?

Chewing too much gum could cause problems such as jaw pain, headaches, diarrhea, and tooth decay. Chewing sugar-free gum can cause digestive symptoms in people with IBS.

Is Orbit and Extra the same?

Drink. Chew Orbit.” to emphasize the benefits of chewing gum after eating and drinking. In the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada, the Orbit name was replaced by Extra in 2015, with the same 14-piece package. In 2019 the replacement was applied in Germany as well.

Is winterfresh a peppermint?

Wrigley’s™ Winterfresh® Gum has a unique, cool mint flavor that you can taste and feel. … It has a delicious mint flavor that’s not as sweet as spearmint and not as spicy as peppermint but the thing that stands out about Winterfresh gum is how it makes your mouth feel.

Is Extra chewing gum good for your teeth?

So, if you chew gum after a meal, you may be helping to protect your teeth and promote oral health. Also, the minerals generated by the extra saliva can even help strengthen your tooth enamel, which also reduces your risk of a dental cavity.

What is the find your other half extra?

Mars Wrigley is launching an on-pack campaign for Extra Chewing Gum. The ‘Find Your Other Half’ activation will see core flavour singles, bottles and multipacks of Extra prominently featuring an initial – and urges consumers to pair a pack with partners, friends or family.

Who owns Extra chewing gum?

Extra is a brand of sugarfree chewing gum produced by the Wrigley Company in North America, Europe, Australia and some parts of Africa and Asia.

How many pieces of gum are in a extra pack?

Sharing a piece of extra gum helps you live life’s little moments. Sugar-free chewing gum that’s perfect to share with friends, family, or someone new. Package includes

6 individual packs, 35-pieces each


Ships fromShips from
Sold bySold by

How much did the Wrigley family pay for Catalina Island?

13. —Purchase of Santa Catalina Island by William Wrigley Jr.. Chicago chewing gum millionaire, was announced in private messages here today. The price was reported to J.e between $3,000,000 and $1,000,000.

Is Beau Wrigley married?

Beau Wrigley is a US billionaire and heir to the Wrigley chewing gum fortune. He was born in October 1963. He is married to Sue.

How wealthy is the Wrigley family?

Wrigley, who has a net worth of $3.1 billion, says he feels lucky to be a part of helping an industry transform from black-market to legal.

Is orbit safe to chew?

Chewing gum can be very bad for your oral health, good for your oral health, or very good for your oral health. … Conventional sugar-free gums that are recognised as having potential oral health benefits include Orbit® sugar-free mint gum and Extra sugar-free peppermint and spearmint gums.

What is the sweetener in Orbit gum?

Orbit’s sugar-free gum is sweetened with either sorbitol or xylitol, depending on which variety you choose. Both sweeteners are examples of sugar alcohols, which are commonly used as sugar substitutes.


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