In more specific terms, a tagline is a catchphrase- usually a one-liner- that summarizes what your brand is all about. Your tagline should communicate your brand’s identity, purpose, and values in a creative way that makes it stick with your audience.

What is the best tagline?
Best Company Slogans

  • “Just Do It” – Nike.
  • “Think Different” – Apple.
  • “Where’s the Beef?” – Wendy’s.
  • “Open Happiness” – Coca-Cola.
  • “Because You’re Worth It” – L’Oreal.
  • “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands” – M&Ms.
  • “A Diamond is Forever” – De Beers.
  • “The Breakfast of Champions” – Wheaties.

Also, What is brand slogan? A brand slogan is the advertising tagline that conveys the brand’s spirit in the shortest way possible. In just a few words, you’re expected to grasp the vibe of your brand.

How do I create a brand tagline?

How to Do it: 7 Tagline Tips

  1. Focus. …
  2. Make it meaningful: Convey a message that your target audience will care about and understand.
  3. Make it memorable. …
  4. Keep it short. …
  5. Say it out loud. …
  6. Integrate it into your logo design. …
  7. Make it yours.

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How do I create a company tagline?

Taglines are often overcomplicated and underwhelming.

Here are 10 ways to make yours pop, courtesy of successful young entrepreneurs.

  1. Avoid the Marketing Meeting Effect. …
  2. Tell a Story. …
  3. Explain Your Offering. …
  4. Communicate With Clarity. …
  5. Describe Who You Are. …
  6. Require a Double Take. …
  7. Keep It Short and Simple. …
  8. Say Just Enough.

How do you sell a slogan?

9 Best Ways to Make Money Writing Slogans

  1. Look for Clients (Become a Freelancer) …
  2. Getting Trained. …
  3. Enter Slogan Competitions. …
  4. Keeping it as Short as Possible and Witty. …
  5. Focus on Your Unique Selling Point (USP) …
  6. Getting Extra Input from Your Buyers and Doing More Research. …
  7. Making Your Slogan Humorous (If it Can)

What is Google’s slogan?

But few are as lofty as Google’s most famous motto: “Don’t be evil.” If you know anything about Google’s culture, you’ve probably heard those three words. They’re catchy.

What is a marketing tagline?

A tagline is a phrase that accompanies your brand name to quickly translate your business’s positioning and brand identity into a single line (a tagline) that means something to consumers. A tagline is meant to provide consumers with an indication of your brand and its market position in just a few memorable words.

What is FedEx tagline?

FedEx. Where now meets next. ‘ is our new global tagline. It represents how we are channeling our innovative spirit to build the network for what’s next.

What is Burger King’s slogan?

Burger King unveiled a new slogan, “Be Your Way,” along with a marketing campaign targeted at the Millennial generation. While the new tagline is similar to the brand’s longstanding, iconic “Have It Your Way” slogan, experts say it reflects a new focus on customers’ way of life rather than the chain’s food and service.

What is Adidas tagline?

The way the company has branded itself and advertised its products to the public has a massive role to play in its popularity. Among their branding successes is the creation of the Adidas tagline ‘Impossible Is Nothing.

What makes an effective tagline?

Your tagline should pull people in, get them interested, and help them remember your brand. … Make your tagline simple, memorable, consistent, unique, and targeted. Target your tagline for the people you’re trying to help and reach. Condense the result of your product or service into a short sentence.

What is a tagline example?

A perfect example of a descriptive tagline is Walmart’s tagline – Save money. Live better. Another good example of a descriptive tagline is KFC’S It’s finger-lickin’ good.

Do I need a tagline for my business?

So, do you need a slogan or tagline for your business? YES. Tag-lines (like slogans and mission statements) are a key part to managing a successful brand strategy. Help your business grow by creating your own tagline and use it in highly visible areas online and in print.

How do I choose a tagline?

Ideally, your tagline should be six words or fewer (with some exceptions that I’ll share in the examples section at the end).

  1. Give It Meaning. A tagline shouldn’t be made just because you saw some famous companies have one. …
  2. Clarity Is Key. …
  3. Focus On The Benefits. …
  4. Tell A Story. …
  5. Take A Break. …
  6. We Bring Good Things To Life.

How much should a tagline cost?

Lawyers who specialize in trademark law charge an average of $125 to $300 per hour. Registering a slogan costs $500 to $2,000. The cost depends on how many amendments you have to make.

Can you get paid for slogans?

How much can you make as a slogan seller? If you believe you can come up with a witty slogan, then post yours as you don’t have much to lose. The average company is willing to pay an average of $200 per project depending on the nature of your work. You see, slogans are really valuable and memorable.

How do I get paid online?

How to Make Money Online: 28 Real Ways to Earn Money Online

  1. Start Dropshipping.
  2. Try Print on Demand.
  3. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing.
  4. Start a YouTube Channel.
  5. Become an Influencer.
  6. Create an Online Course.
  7. Publish an Ebook.
  8. Start a Blog.

What is Facebook’s tagline?

Facebook has quietly changed the slogan on its homepage encouraging people to signup. The tagline has been changed from “It’s free and always will be” to “It’s quick and easy” — ditching, for the first time in more than a decade, a reference to the fact that it costs nothing to become a user.

What is Microsoft tagline?

Microsoft has launched an all-new corporate slogan, “Be what’s next”, the Seattle Times reported on Thursday. … “Be what’s next” replaces “Your potential, our passion” as the new slogan for Microsoft, the world leader in operating systems for more than a decade.

What is Amazon tagline?

Amazon, is the first thought that pops in everyone’s mind when they think of online shopping. … Slogan of amazon has kept changing from time to time. Its current slogan is Work hard. Have Fun. Make History which is not as famous as Amazon slogan ‘From A to Z’.

What is a professional tagline?

A tagline is a short slogan used to reinforce a key aspect of a product or brand. … In the context of professional services firms, a tagline is usually part of a firm’s identity (as opposed to an ad slogan) — so it usually appears in conjunction with the firm’s name and logo.

What’s a tagline on a logo?

A logo slogan—also known as a tagline—is a catchphrase that communicates a message about your brand. The purpose of a logo slogan is to convey your company’s mission in a way that audiences will remember and identify.


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