Those who own old Galaxy phones and tablets will have to upgrade to a new version of Android to keep using Samsung Health or switch to a newer phone. …

Besides, Is Huawei compatible with Vitality?

Vitality members who have linked their Huawei account to Vitality can earn points for workouts using their Huawei device. Vitality members who have linked their Google Fit account to Vitality can earn points for steps and speed workouts using their Google Fit app.

Also, Can I view Samsung Health on PC?

Download Samsung Health on PC with MEmu Android Emulator. Enjoy playing on big screen. Start healthy habits for yourself with Samsung Health.

Herein, What’s more accurate Google Fit or Samsung Health? I tested both apps on the same device. The starting step count in Google Fit was 470, while it was 461 in Samsung Health. The final step count in both was 1047. That means Samsung Health recorded 9 steps more than Google Fit.

Can I delete Samsung Health app?

S Health is a pre-installed system app (‘bloatware’) and can’t be uninstalled. You can try disabling it though, just go to the application manager and disable it from there.

20 Related Questions and Answers

Can I link my Garmin watch to Samsung Health?

The biggest feature removal will be integration with third-party apps, which Samsung refers to as “connected services.” As of right now, you can sync up Samsung Health data with other health-related apps like Google Fit, Strava, Misfit, Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone, etc.

Can you link Huawei Health to AIA vitality?

You can now link Huawei Health to AIA Vitality to track your steps and workouts. Capture your steps taken, heart rate and calories burned to earn up to 15,000 physical activity points per year in your wellness journey! … Learn more about AIA Vitality at

Is there a Samsung Health desktop app?

Samsung Health is a free application developed by Samsung that allows users to monitor several aspects of their daily life related to them through physical activities, diet and sleep. It works as your hub for everything related to health.

How does Samsung Health know my weight?

The calories you burn includes your basal metabolism calculated based on the profile you registered. … Activate the weight management feature in the Samsung Health app on your mobile device to check your weight on the calorie balance screen.

Why can I not log into my Samsung account?

Go to and click “Log In Here” under “Already have a Samsung Account?” Find “Forgot your password?” and as you click on it, a pop-up window where you can enter your email address appears. Enter your e-mail address and reenter your e-mail address for confirmation.

Is my fitness pal better than Samsung Health?

Samsung Health does a good job of tracking carbs and total fat intake, but it isn’t as reliable when it comes to micronutrients. … Like MyFitnessPal, the app significantly underestimates calcium, iron, and vitamin C levels in many foods, but gives accurate estimates for carbs and fat.

Is Samsung pay better than Google pay?

Samsung has an extra security step to make a payment compared to Google, though. In our experience, the app also seems a bit slower to recognize NFC readers than Google Pay, which is almost always instant the moment you put it over the terminal. Like Google Pay, Samsung Pay has support for gift and membership cards.

Is strava better than Samsung Health?

Data Tracking

Samsung health collects way more data than Strava does. … As long as you’re on a Samsung watch, its Health app is going to be better than Strava in terms of data collected.

Can you delete factory installed Apps?

To get rid of any app from your Android phone, bloatware or otherwise, open up Settings and choose Apps and notifications, then See all apps. If you’re sure you can do without something, select the app then choose Uninstall to have it removed. … Apps can be removed or disabled from Settings.

Does disabling an app free up space?

The only way in which disabling the app will save on storage space is if any updates that have been installed made the app larger. When you go to disable the app any updates will be uninstalled first. Force Stop will do nothing for storage space, but clearing cache and data will…

How do I get rid of Samsung bloatware?

Samsung’s UI deviates from stock Android in a few ways, and it comes with an alternative process to disable Samsung’s bloatware apps:

  1. Simply open the App Drawer.
  2. Then long press on any app to bring up a bubble that will allow you to disable the app, or uninstall if possible.

Can Samsung watch sync with Fitbit?

Samsung has launched an update for its S Health app adding new features for the Gear Fit2, but it’s also quietly added support for third party activity tracking apps that effectively turns it into a Google Fit style central hub for all of your data.

Does Garmin work with Samsung?

The Garmin Connect app can be installed on an Android or iOS device.

Does Samsung Health sync with MyFitnessPal?

Workouts added to Samsung Health will transfer to MyFitnessPal and workouts added to MyFitnessPal will transfer to Samsung Health. Find Apps & Devices under the Menu (More…) Search for Samsung Health and then tap Connect. You should see a pop up for permissions regarding the Samsung Health integration.

How do you earn Vitality points in AIA?

Earn AIA Vitality points by completing the challenges and staying active. Whether it’s working out or fitness club visits, simply link your fitness device or app to My AIA SG app to track your workouts and earn AIA Vitality points.

How good is Samsung Health app?

The Samsung health app is accurate and effective. It works perfectly and can be used for much more than calorie and step tracking.

Is Samsung Health app accurate?

The Samsung Health app is equally as accurate as a GPS navigator at measuring distance travelled during a run. That’s no surprise, since the app makes use of the GPS sensor in your phone or smart watch.

Does Samsung Health work with Fitbit?

The Korean company has apparently been adding support since May and with the latest version 4.8. 1 update, you can now connect S Health with Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit and Microsoft Health. It’s also now integrates Runkeeper and Strava data.


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