“This Is America” is a song by American rapper Donald Glover, under his musical stage name Childish Gambino. … The song features background vocals by American rappers Young Thug (who also has writing credit as Williams), Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd, BlocBoy JB, Quavo of Migos, and 21 Savage.

Why does Childish Gambino dance like that? It’s almost like he noticed everyone was gone, then he goes back into his own world. The conclusion that I’ve seen a lot of people draw is that Gambino’s dancing is meant to distract from all the craziness happening around him.

Also, What is this is America protesting? A remix of Childish Gambino’s “This is America” is now a viral anthem on TikTok used to protest police brutality against black people. The 2018 hit referenced the fact that black Americans were disproportionately targeted by law enforcement.

Who did Childish Gambino sample in this is America?

Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ sample of Migos’s ‘Contraband‘ | WhoSampled.

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Why are the kids dancing in this is America?

Most obviously it’s a distraction, representing how we can miss what’s truly happening in the world around us when our attention is elsewhere, but the video’s choreographer Sherrie Silver told Pigeons & Plane that the children and dancing should also represent positivity during dark times.

Was this is America played on the radio?

Billboard reports that “This Is America” in its first week amassed a terrestrial radio audience of nearly 10 million, mostly on R&B and hip-hop stations.

What is America according to Childish Gambino?

Each time Childish Gambino fires a gun in “This Is America,” he hands it off to someone who whisks it away in a red cloth. Viewers interpreted these scenes as a reference to Americans’ willingness to protect gun rights over people, despite the country’s alarmingly high rates of gun violence.

Was this is America plagiarized?

Childish Gambino is being sued by a Florida rapper claiming ‘This Is America’ was plagiarized. The Florida rapper Kidd Wes is suing Childish Gambino over his hit 2018 song “This Is America.” Wes claimed that the song has “substantial similarities” to his 2016 song, “Made in America.” Gambino has not responded publicly.

What is Childish Gambino’s real name?

Donald Glover, in full Donald McKinley Glover, Jr., also known as Childish Gambino, (born September 25, 1983, Edwards Air Force Base, California, U.S.), American writer, comedian, actor, and musician who won acclaim in all his disparate arts.

What does the dancing represent in this is America?

The choreographer who brought Africa to Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’ had a clear message. Giving the people discomfort and tension. … In the layered messaging of the video, the dancing has been seen as a distraction from the violence and disturbing symbolism all around Glover’s musical alter-ego Childish Gambino.

What does the name Childish Gambino mean?

Glover’s stage name, Childish Gambino, which he used to start his musical career, came from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator.

Where is Childish Gambino now?

Since 2016, Glover stars in the FX series Atlanta, which he created and occasionally directs. For his work on Atlanta, Glover won various accolades, including two Primetime Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards.

Why is Childish Gambino famous?

Childish Gambino is the alter ego of multi-hyphenate American entertainer Donald Glover, who is also known for acting roles on television shows like Community and the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning Atlanta, as well as the film Solo: A Star Wars Story.

What do the school children represent in this is America?

The children represent an innocence and purity that many lose too early due to both witnessing and experiencing violence. Even though they are joyful and carefree, the dangers of the real world, which are shown as the police and civil unrest surround them, is always a looming threat.

What Gambino means?

Italian: from a diminutive of gamba ‘leg’, probably applied as a nickname for someone with short legs. The surname, probably of Italian origin, is also found in Spain and Portugal.

Is this is America satire?

“This Is America” is, all at once, protest, satire, and high art. It’s challenging as great art should be — it invites both commentary and debate, and it has a lot to say about culture, society, art, politics, current events, but refuses to provide easy answers for any of the problems it evokes.

Did Childish Gambino get sued for This is America?

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino has been sued for alleged copyright infringement over his 2018 hit single, This is America. Florida-based Emelike Nwosuocha (aka rapper Kidd Wes) claims that elements of his song Made in America were copied by Gambino to create This is America.

Is Childish Gambino being sued?

Childish Gambino is being sued for copyright infringement over his Grammy Award-winning rap song This Is America. … The “lyrical theme, content and structure” of the two songs’ choruses are “glaringly similar”, he said in court documents filed in New York.

Is Childish Gambino getting sued?

Childish Gambino is being sued for alleged copyright infringement, with the rapper Kidd Wes saying the Grammy-winning hit This Is America was lifted from him. … This Is America in 2019 become the first rap song to win Grammys for best song and best record.

Are Mel Gibson and Danny Glover friends?

Glover’s relationship with Donner and Gibson goes back decades, and as close friends of the late filmmaker, both actors are feeling especially heartbroken about the news. Glover, who found great fame with his role as Sgt.

What is Donald Glover’s net worth?

He partnered with Adidas Originals to reimagine three pairs of classic Adidas sneakers, which were launched in April 2019 under the “Donald Glover Presents” line and were promoted by a series of advertisements starring comedian Mo’Nique.

Are Danny Pudi and Donald Glover friends?

‘Community’ Star Danny Pudi Remembers the Moment He Realized Donald Glover Would Leave the Show. As Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir, Community stars Donald Glover and Danny Pudi shared incomparable comedic chemistry. The two were good friends, off-screen too.

Who are the dancers in this is America?

The video tackles racism and gun violence, as Gambino dances among a quintet of schoolchildren. Two of the four young dancers are Bakersfield siblings Trinity and Devin Penn, who were cast as dancers in Gambino’s music video and recent “Saturday Night Live” performance.


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