How to Subscribe to Airtel ₦100 for 1GB Weekend Plan

  1. Simply recharge with ₦100 and dial *474*1# and the plan will be activated.
  2. Dial *140# to check the remaining balance.

In this way, How fast is Airtel 4G?

Customers with mobile devices that support 4G Advanced will be able to enjoy 4G data speeds of up to 135 Mbps. Airtel launched its 4G services in Mumbai in May 2015 on the 2300 Mhz band using the TD LTE standard and recently added capacity on the 1800 Mhz band using FD LTE.

Hereof, How can I get 1GB to 100 naira on MTN?

MTN 1GB For N100

Simply dial *131*100# to activate.

Consequently How can I activate Airtel 1GB for 200? To activate the 1GB Plan for 200 Naira manually, follow the guidelines below:

  1. Simply just dial *141#. This code brings up a Menu.
  2. Reply ‘1’ to select My OFFER.
  3. Reply ‘2’ to select 1GB 7days plan for N200.
  4. Now, proceed by selecting Ok.

In this regard, How can I get 500MB of 100 data on Airtel?

The Airtel 100 for 500MB data plan can be activated by dialing *141*104# and valid for 30days.

Which is faster Jio or Airtel?

Airtel’s internet speed improved marginally and was found to be lowest at 5 Mbps, according to June data from the telecom regulator. … As per Trai data Vi had an average download speed of 6.2 Mbps in May while Reliance Jio had 4.8 Mbps and Bharti Airtel was last at 3.9 Mbps.

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How can I be eligible for MTN * 131 * 65?

To know if you are eligible for this offer, complete the following steps:

  1. first, Migrate to MTN pulse bu dialling *406#
  2. Next, dial *131*65#.
  3. Wait for either the success or failure messages from MTN. If you are ineligible, your message would be ” Sorry, you are not eligible for MTN Welcome Back Offer.

How can I get 5GB of 50 naira?

How to Get MTN 5GB for 50 Naira, 10GB for 100 Naira – MTN WeChat Cheat

  1. Dail this code *123#
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and choose 3 to buy data.
  3. Choose 3 again for Goodybag.
  4. Choose 6 for MTN WeChat.
  5. Choose 2 for MTN WeChat weekly then 1 to Subscribe to MTN WeChat weekly data plan.

How can I get 1GB for 200 naira on MTN?

How To Subscribe To MTN 1GB For 200 Naira Data Plan. Simply dial *131*65*2# or *567# to activate.

How can I get Airtel 2GB for 200 4G?

How To Subscribe Airtel 2GB/4GB Data Plan for @200-500 Naira. Simply dial *482#. This pops up a menu, that looks like the image below. Follow the prompt to subscribe for either the 200 Naira or the 500 Naira data plan for 2GB and 4GB respectively.

How can I get 1GB for 200 naira on Airtel 4G?

How to Subscribe Airtel 1GB for 200 Naira

  1. Recharge Your Airtel Line with 200 Naira Airtime.
  2. Dial *141*205#
  3. Enjoy your 1GB of Instagram data.

Which Airtel plan gives 1GB for 200?

To get 1gb for N200 on your airtel sim dial, *141#, select 1 (My Offer) > select 2 (N200 for 1GB/7 days) > Press Send/Ok. This data plan is valid for 7 days.

How can I cheat on Airtel data?

Another code to cheat Airtel data plan is by dialing *141*500#. By dialing this USSD code, Airtel network will bill you with N500 airtime and give you 750 MB and 1 GB data bundle for streaming on YouTube in the night only.

How can I get free 500MB data on Airtel?

There you will also find a banner of 500 MB of freebie data. Click on it and install that movie app. Then register on it using the same Airtel mobile number. Soon, you will receive a verification message of receiving 500MB of free data.

How can I get 2GB 200 on Airtel?

How To Subscribe Airtel 2GB/4GB Data Plan for @200-500 Naira. Simply dial *482#. This pops up a menu, that looks like the image below. Follow the prompt to subscribe for either the 200 Naira or the 500 Naira data plan for 2GB and 4GB respectively.

Is Airtel better or Jio?

Jio gives more data and more validity as compared to Airtel and Vi for the same price point. Users looking for basic plans for a month who can make do with 1GB data per day and unlimited calling can opt for these plans. Airtel Rs 199 prepaid plan: This plan gives 1GB daily data with 24 days validity.

Which Sim has fastest Internet?

Vodafone Idea beats Jio & Airtel in fastest internet speed in Oct-Dec last year. Vi has also topped the speed charts for average download speeds in 142 cities as well as the metros.

How can I double my data on MTN 2020?

The steps to activating the MTN Double data service are outlined below:

  1. Send “PROMO” to 131 via your text messaging app.
  2. Wait for “Thank you for subscribing for data bundle” to appear.
  3. Press 1 to activate.
  4. Wait for another confirmation message.
  5. Dial *131# to purchase a data bundle.

How can I get free 500MB on MTN?

➤ Download the MyMTN app and install it. ➤ Choose your country and insert your MTN number. ➤ They will send you an OTP code to confirm it’s you. ➤ Insert the OTP code in the form and get your 500MB for FREE.

How can I get 2gb for 200 on MTN?

How do I get 200 for 2GB on MTN? To get the 200 for 2gb on mtn dial *406#, Select 3 (Nightlife bundles), Select 1 (250mb for N25) or Select 2 (500mb for N50), repeat the steps until you get a total of 2gb of data. This data can only be used from 11pm – 6am and you must be on the mtn pulse.

How can I get free 5GB on MTN?

To Get Your Free 5GB Data Reward

  1. Get an MTN 4G LTE compatible Smartphone (supports band 20 (800MHz) and Band 7 (2600MHz)).
  2. Insert your MTN sim card into the device.
  3. Then send 4G to 131, you’ll get a reply thus:

How can I get 5GB using 50 naira on Airtel?

To subscribe to Airtel 5GB for N1000 dial *141*242*4#, valid for 14 days.

How do I get 5GB for MTN #50?

MTN Users | How To Get 5GB For ₦50 (Valid For One Week)

  1. Subscribe to WeChat weekly bundle by dialing *662# (reply with → 6 → 2 → 1)
  2. Dial *131*4# to check your data balance.
  3. If your SIM is eligible, the 5gb will be there for you.
  4. You can accumulate the data by repeating the steps.


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